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Eat: Luang Prabang Visit 3

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Local Meal is Recommended!
Lao Dinner at Coconut Garden

Breakfast at my hotel (Villa Oudomlith), they serve variety of fresh fruits every day. Baguette, any style of egg and fresh juice are good taste too.

Lunch and Dinner

Lao food at Coconut Garden
Khai Phaen, Lao buffalo meat sausage, spicy soup and steamed rice are delicious. Their cake is not bad.

Noodle Soup at Xiang Thong Noodle

Noodle at Xiang Thong Noodle Soup
On the corner to Wat Xiang Thong entrance on Sakkaline Rd
Both locals and foreign tourists visit this noodle house. Lao noodle got influenced from Pho, the Vietnamese noodle, but all seasonings on the table are Thai brands.

Thai food at Sikhoun Muang Fruit Shake
The simple food shop, running by the local, it is the wooden home of the owner where she arranges the front terrace for cooking and dinning space. Price is street food rate.

Yummy French Bakery at La Benneton
Coffee and Bakery

Pain Au Chocolate at La Banneton
French café, serving sandwiches, croissants and other French bakery, there is a room for imported food from France. Pain au chocolate is divine.

A Cup of Hot Coffee Latte at Saffron Coffee
The coffee shop on Mekhong riverside, simple decoration with high quality local coffee beans, they brew them by the famous espresso machine.

Bakery and coffee at both branches of Joma Bakery
Joma Bakery is the famous coffee chain in Laos. They have first branch in the city centre of Luang Prabang in the colonial style building and the second branch on the quieter area along Khan riverside. It is beautiful wooden villa.
Their staffs are attentive; food and coffee are good too.

Stay: Luang Prabang Visit 2

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Villa Oudomlith

My accommodation in Luang Prabang

Villa Oudom Lith
In the middle of the old town
Private rooms available
I booked double bed for 3 nights
Breakfast included, their BF is great!

Double Bedroom, Villa Oudomlith

Top rated budget guest house in Luang Prabang
Moderate price, value of money
Simple, clean and quite
5-10min walks from Royal Palace museum, city centre and market
Spacious rooms, air-con and fan, TV and fridge
Bathroom and high pressure water
Window in the room is limited for opening, the room lack of natural light.

Free Wifi
Tours desk
Motobike for rent

Promotion price by Expedia

Travel: Luang Prabang Visit 1

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Luang Prabang Airport Surrounding
Bangkok – Luang Prabang
There are more flights from Thailand and other countries in the region to Luang Prabang such as Malaysia and Singapore.
For Thailand: Thai Smile Airways, Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines and Air Asia (Low Cost)

From Bangkok to Luang Prabang
Travelers have to take night buses or night trains to Northeast of Thailand: Udon Thani or Nong Khai, then cross the border to Vientiane northern bus terminal for the bus to Luang Prabang via Vang Vieng.

Another option: take low cost airlines to Udon Thani, and then take inter-bus at bus terminal direct to Vientiane or Vang Vieng before heading to Luang Prabang

From Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang

Inter-bus from Chiang Mai via Chiang Rai, cross the border heading to Luang Prabang on land.

Boat – the slow pace traveling
Cross the border from Thailand at Chiang Khong, take the slow boat at Huai Sai town for 2 days 1 night (night stay at Pak Beng).

Thai citizen (ASEAN member countries) can enter Laos without visa for 30 days.

Airport Shuttle Bus
50,000 KIP per person by shared-van to hotel

How to commute in Town of Luang Prabang

On foot is easy, the town is compact
Other options: Bike and Tuk Tuk

Nearby Attraction: Town of Luang Prabang

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The Emerald Waterfall that I've fallen in Love
Cascading Kuang Si Waterfall during Early Winter

The cascading emerald waterfall in the limestone basin among the forest outside the heritage town tempts the visitors to come to swim and enjoy a lot of freshness. Who can ignore great fun activity waiting there?

I booked a flight from Bangkok to Luang Prabang in early November. Although the influence of the rainy season is somewhat, I walk through the sizzle rain in Luang Pra Bang until almost fever. But to make sure Kwang Si waterfall would still be full of water. This time is the best of the trip.

Kuang Si Waterfall Parking Lot and Market

 It was a sunny day, dry and cool weather. Beginning of waterfall trip, started at the parking lot, through the park entrance into a bear conservation camp before reaching the waterfall area where allowing visitors to swim safely. Highlight of the place is the large cascading waterfall, strong currents, falling into the bottom with a bang and beauty.

Walkway Surrounded by Forest

 From here, there is a pathway to upper waterfalls and deep forests. As limited time, there is not much tourists spend time with this trail.

Laos is rich with several perfect waterfalls. Natural environment and a few millions of population in this country, waterfalls are still filled with enormous amounts of water. My Southern Laos trip a few years ago, I couldn’t see the waterfall even standing in close proximity. It was so foggy from the high amount of falling water attack the basin.

Besides the waterfall, my favorite thing in Laos is grilled bananas sold at waterfall sites. Fresh, very tasty, recommend.

Kuang Si Waterfall Half-Day Tour 45,000 KIP at my hotel tours desk
From 14.00 PM to 18.00 PM (Morning shift also available)
Admission fee not included (20,000 KIP)

Landmarks: Town of Luang Prabang

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Wat Xiang Thong, Royal Palace Museum and Phou Si
Wat Chiang Thong

The wealth of Luang Prabang culture since its establishment as the capital of the Lan Xang kingdom from the 14th century to the present, shining in various parts from Buddhist arts, decoration and architecture, visitors should spend a lot of time indulging them.

Wat Xiang Thong
The most important temple of Laos, their ubosot is the top tier of Lan Xang architecture. The exterior walls of viharn are decorated with depicted colorful gliding glasses. Wooden carving of gables, doors and windows of the royal carriage pavilion are detailing.

Admission fee 20,000 KIP

Royal Palace Museum

Royal Palace Museum
This landmark is my most favorite. Valuable items showcase is the masterpiece with the history of the late Lao Dynasty.

Apart from the palace, the area also includes the pavilion enshrining “Pra Bang” the most importance Buddha image of Laos. Unfortunately, the museum offers Buddhists worship only from the outside.

Opposite to the pavilion is the royal theatre. Tourists can book tickets to the Khon performance (Ramayana ballet) shown in the evening. (Only date and time as announced on the board)

Admission fee 30,000 KIP

Chedi, Phou Si 

Phou Si
The front entrance is facing the Royal Palace Museum. This statue has two entrances leading to the top of the hill. The front entrance is less steep than the back entrance. Going down by the back side leads you through the winding steps of the monastery and watching Buddhist monks doing activities along the way are interesting.

At the top of the hill is composed of chedi containing the Buddha relics, little pavilion and the outdoor terrace. Nearly all the tourists are congregated here at sunrise and sunset. If you avoid such times and nice weather available, you will be given an opportunity to enjoy Luang Prabang in the wide angle, the mountains, the lush green trees, Mekong River, Nam Khan River and the town are amazing.

Admission fee 20,000 KIP

Viharn, Wat Siphoutthabath

Hidden Gems: Wat Siphoutthabath
The temple is located next to the famous bar IKON CLUB. The ground area is the site of a small viharn, poor condition but charming. The base of the building, there are drains decorated with stucco molds, mythical human opening mouth by hands, such lovely design.