Eat & Buy: Kamphaeng Phet Visit 3

Visitors can enjoy a simple meal, the reputation of the province.

Noodles (Chakangrao Noodle or Kuay Tiew Thai)
Chakangrao Black Jelly
Egg Banana (Kluay Khai)
Thai dessert snack

Bhamee Hang (Yellow Noodle - No Soup) @Uncle Jont

Sieng Family Bhamee Shops
Ratcha Damnoen 1 Rd, near night market
The family's egg noodle secret recipe has been passed on generation to generation. Apart from freshly egg noodle, various ingredients are well prepared, such as boiled pork liver, boiled pork slide, chopped pork, roasted red pork and crispy flour. Sprinkled with garlic oil and chopped coriander.

Another famous dish is wonton by pork chop stuffed in soft flour dumplings cooked in a delicious taste from pork bone soup.

Accompanied with sliced green beans or bean sprouts. Add more favour with crumbled peanut or crispy pork skin. Pork Satay is an appetiser to eat before the noodle.

My order always a bowl of dried noodle and a bowl of spicy wonton soup respectively.

There are three shops; Chakangrao Noodles, Bhamee Sieng Rakchon (Aunty Lee), Sieng Bhamee. All are sibling, their shops located on Ratcha Damnoen 1 Rd, near the night market.

3 Branches of Sieng Bhamee (Most famous in town)
My Most Favourite: Minced Pork Wantan in Spicy Soup @Sieng

Lung Jont Thai Noodle (Uncle Jont) 
Ratcha Damnoen 1 Rd, near Kamphaeng Phet General Hospital

Note: Chakangrao is another name for the ancient town of Kamphaeng Phet.

Chakangrao Black Jelly
Black jelly is made from Chinese herb add syrup, and ice cubes as sweets. Generally, the black jelly sweets are sold nationwide but the taste of the Chakangrao Black Jelly is outstanding. Chewy meat jelly is the reason of popularity and sold very well.

Egg Banana (Kluay Khai)
It is one kind of banana that is well grown from the quality of soil, water and air, especially in Kamphaeng Phet province. Kluay Khai town is the nickname of the province to honour our most delicious egg banana in the country. Don’t miss!

Thai Dessert and Snack
The lists of the processed products from banana are plenty of good quality, such as banana chewy toffee (Kluay Kuan), crispy banana (Kluay Chab). Crispy banana is made of sliced banana, fried, and coated with salt or sugar. Now there are barbecue flavour and paprika flavour. It also has crispy taro and crispy potato for choices.

My favourite local dessert is "Kao Tok" made of crumble popped rice, mixed with syrup, and pressed in a mold. The soft little sticky texture, not too sweet is great.

Chic Decor, Buono Coffee
Buono Coffee

Coffee and relaxation 
Buono Coffee
Tesa 1 Rd. 
Newly opened coffee house on the quite road along the Ping River. They have elder 
sister European reastaurant on the Nakorn Chum district on the opposite side of Ping River (now closed down). 
Free WiFi 

Coffee Today
Ton Bhodi Square
The red sign coffee house located near Krung Thai Bank, Ton Bhodi branch. Eye catching with red and glass windows, serving Italian style coffee and bakery. 
Free WiFi

Cafe Lao
Charoen Suk Rd.
Free WiFi

I'm Coffee & Beverage
Tesa 2 Rd. At the back of Chakungrao Riverview Hotel
Tiny coffee house at the hidden corner in town centre.

Swensen's and Pizza Hut
Bic C Super Center, Charoen Suk Rd.

Mieng Chakangrao or Jeh Muay
Ratch Damnoen 1 Rd, adjacent to Wat Bang
It is souvenirs, Thai dessert and snack hub. Recommended Thai desserts are Mieng (Crispy fried coconut meat with preserved Mieng leaves and peanuts) and other banana-made products.
Mor Kluay Khai
Asia Highway, approx 10km from Kamphaeng Phet Town 
Another OTOP centre, including traditional craft works is along the Asia hwy; Kamphaeng Phet - Bangkok at Pak Ang district with a dozens of stores sell the same things in the same prices from local snacks to wooden products. It is a popular tourist stops on the highway.

***Updated 11 Jan, 2014***

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