Fortification and Military Heritage: Kamphaeng Phet

The Origin of Unbreakable Wall

North West Fort
Kamphaeng Phet is named the town that specialises in the battle against the enemies by the fortress and military valor, through the history both Sukhothai and Ayutthaya era.
The wise construction of the walls is the answer.  The walls are strong and located at the advantageous position over the intruders. Blockade of enemies cannot put pressure on people in the town. Because water system and food supply from the surrounding moats are well equipped.

Unlike most of other towns, their walls are made from soil. The strength of the construction of Kamphaeng Phet town walls is the laterite. By placing the laterite blocks stacked into walls approx 3 meters high, then scoop out the soil against  the inside town walls. Hence, laterite walls could accommodate more resistant to destruction.

Line of Moat and Wall
 Pra Tu Phi, Gate for the Dead
When the enemies attempt to penetrate the outer town walls across the moats into a vertical walls, using ladders leaning on the walls and then climb out. The people on the ramparts and forts can take advantage from the higher location. To overcome is the difficulties.

The use of guns or artillery bombardment faced with laterite walls with soil support cannot break the walls. If to besiege the town for a long time, the people can use the moats as a source of drinking water and food without trouble.

If the enemy army have settled too long, troops from the capital and, or reliance can be raised to help at a later time. The enemies have to retreat because they cannot cope with the two sides of the battle.

Outside the walls, surrounded by moats 30 meters wide and has 10 gates. One of the gates I have remembered since I was kid is Pratu Phi (ghost gate) the exit to move dead bodies to cremate outside the town. 

H.R.H Prince Damrong Rajanupab, the father of Thai history said Kamphaeng Phet's citadel is the most beautiful and strongest in Thailand.

Don't miss
The town walls and moats with parallel roads along the walls.
Both routes are on the inside and outside. Good to take a bike ride to visit each spot.
Chao In Fort, it is the perfect condition.
The North West Fort is seen from the road outside the wall, 
You will see the real strength and beauty of the ancient fortress.

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