Kamphaeng Phet, the Early Chapter

An Associated Town of Sukhothai World Heritage Site

UNESCO: Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park
I would like to initiate the first article in ASEAN World Heritage Blog with the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. This town is the birthplace and the origin of my inspiration for the founding of this blog up. 
In my childhood days, I rarely related to this World Heritage Site. Regularly, my family went to the home of the grandparents, we had to ride pass this historic park. I always saw the sitting Buddha ruin located outdoor on the base of the viharn amid the cluttered space filled with wild grasses and trees. 

After the inscription as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in year 1991 AD (2534 BE), 
the restorations have been started. I had the opportunity to explore this site more 
closely. Accidentally, I used the park as a place to exercise for my rehabilitation of long 
time chronic illness on 1997.

I came here every day for 2 months. Took evening strolls around the temples and climbed the steep stairs lead to the Chedis. Among the ruins, I imagined the days of glory of the place itself. There were many questions and no one could give me the answers. 

For example, how was the Buddha image located here? How beautiful the collapsed 
temples look liked? Why did people abandon the town? I wanted to ride a time machine 
back to 700 years ago to find these answers. 

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park is an ancient town that flourished for several hundred years, from Sukhothai to Ayutthaya eras as a strategic military town. Moreover, Kampheng Phet unique art style is obvious seen from Buddha images and religious architectures as an indication of the nature that is different from the other. 

However, the ancient town was left after the war with Burma on 1767 AD (2310 BE). 
Today, new town is located along Ping River not far from it.

As the Kampheng Phet native, I have introduced the beauty of this legacy into the eyes of readers and travelers who are interested in history and cultures around the world. 

Whether you have a chance to visit here or not, you will recognised the profound ancient town of Kamphaeng Phet and discover as much as ever.

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