Other Attractions: Kamphaeng Phet

Nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site
In addition to the World Heritage Site you can visit historic landmarks, located in the vicinity which is associated with heritages of the town.

Town Pillar Shrine
Shiva Shrine
Kamphaeng Phet National Museum
Ruen Thai Museum
Town Pillar Shrine
Shiva Shrine

Town Pillar Shrine
In the past, the town Pillar Shrine was built as the ancient traditions, Brahmanism beliefs for peacefulness of the town and the people. The pillar was made of timber to be buried and the top located above the ground. Then put the lotus bud wood carving knob on the tip of the golden pillar. Inside the pillar contained the town's horoscope diagram.

We do not know exactly when the first Pillar Shrine was built in Thailand. However, we have found the City Pillar Shrine at Sukhothai Historical Park. To confirmed that there have been at least 700 years ago. 

The building of Kamphaeng Phet Town Pillar Shrine resembles a Prang. Located north of Wat Phra Kaew, it is a sacred place where people come to worship. As many people driving through the shrine always honk to show respect. The Town Pillar Shrine is famous for its sanctity as mental refuge for the Kamphaeng Phet people from past to present. 

The legend you believe it or not
The Thai history is not recorded. It is a myth that it is a traditional ritual to create the City Pillar. The selected persons would be thrown into bottom of the hole, and then lift the pillar into the hole. The alive that killed were believed to be the spirits who protect the city.

Shiva Shrine
From the 16th century (21st Buddhist century), Ayutthaya period

Only one ancient Brahmanism place amid a lot of the Buddhist places in this town, it was the home of the Shiva sculpture, made of a large bronze that moved to Kamphaeng Phet National Museum and replaced with the smaller replica for people to worship at the shrine.

2 meters high bronzed Shiva is nearly in perfect condition, one of the masterpieces of metal sculpture in Thailand. Studies have shown that it is Khmer art, although built by Thai. We can point out this is the Shiva from third eye on the forehead, constellation shaped ornaments at upper arm and chest.
Kamphaeng Phet National Museum
Kamphaeng Phet National Museum
Located on Pin Damri Rd adjacent to the UNESCO World Heritage town site as a place to display and preserve artifacts from Prehistoric times to Rattanakosin period.

Thus, visitors will find numerous artifacts. From prehistoric equipment such as pottery, beads until historic period such as bronze statue of the deity, Buddha images, weapons, and that is well-known; Buddha votive tablets, Kamphaeng Phet art school such as Pra Sum Kor and Pra Nang Kamphaeng.

Don't miss
The bronze Shiva figure, the most beautiful metal sculpture. There are two more bronze deity sculptures, but not perfect as the Shiva’s.
Decorative terracottas around the main Chedi of Wat Chang Rop, Aranyik, there are in form of deva, mythical bird and swan.
Kamphaeng Phet votive tablets, sacred amulets and works of art have been popular among Thai people and collectors in Asia.

Traditional Thai House Terrace
Passage to the Cluster
Ruen Thai Museum (Provincial Museum of Kamphaeng Phet)
Located adjacent to the National Museum, a large wooden buildings, built in central region style for the noble in the past. Outside, surrounded by shady trees and banana plantation provide the pleasant environment.

Inside local history is shown. Other exhibitions are Ethnic group, nature tourism and outstanding heritage of the province.

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