Outside City: Sukhothai Historical Park

There are a great number of ancient sites outside the city wall of Sukhothai. You can take a whole day to visit each of the community. I recommend renting bike for mild sunny day, wear sunglasses and hat, apply sunscreen, take drinking water and enjoy sightseeing until noon. Then take a break for lunch, sip a cool drink and take a nap in the afternoon until 3 pm, prior to the patrol again.

UNESCO: Mondop, Wat Si Chum
Wat Si Chum
Presiding Buddha in the mondop is the large sitting Buddha image Subduing Mara posture. His right hand is a very beautiful long slender 4 fingers of equal length, demonstrates the delicate art of Sukhothai. Photograph of Buddha's right hand is one of the most popular. You see it from postcards, guide books and reviews on the websites.

"Phra Atchana" The Priciple Buddha, Wat Si Chum
Beautiful Hand, the Artistic of Sukhothai Buddha
Talking Buddha Image (Phra Atchana)
There is a story about the talking Buddha. The Thai army had to fight to the enemy and getting morale upon hearing the Buddha bless them.

Survey of the mondop there is a staircase leading to the tunnel behind the Buddha image; it is assumed that the talking Lord myth was come from. Might be the king said through the secrecy channel behind the Buddha image. So, the soldiers understood that Buddha greeted them and went to war bravely.

In fact this tunnel was discovered the second stone inscription of Wat Si Chum. It describes about the founding dynasty of Sukhothai. Stripes on the ceiling of the tunnel are an allegory painting (the previous ones in the past, before enlightenment to be Buddha).

Wat Pra Phai Luang
Located near Wat Si Chum the temple is surrounded by a large Barai. The most outstanding is the three peaks prang in Khmer art. Another is Pra Si Iriyabot; standing, walking, sitting and sleeping posture. It is a temple built in the days before the Sukhothai era. It appears the Khmer influence from the three peaks prang and the Barai.

Barai is the creative of Khmer, as an element of the universe according to Brahmanism and Buddhism. It represents the ocean surrounded Mount Sumeru, the living place of Indra.

Now Wat Pra Phai Luang is the meditation centre for those interested in practicing mind development as well.

Main Prang Ruin, Wat Pra Phai Luang
At the Evening on Loy Krathong Night, Wat Pra Phai Luang
Wat Chang Lom
Located on the left side of Jarot Vithee Thong road, heading into the new town of Sukhothai, temple is 200 meters away from the main road please notice the sign carefully.

Elephant Sculptures, Wat Chang Lom
Wat Chetupon
Chedi of Wat Chetupon is Pra Si Iriyabot; standing, walking, sitting and sleeping posture located in mondop. The wall that surrounds the main chedi made of thick slate, then carved it to look like the wood assembly. Construction work is exquisite and rare. Generally, the wall is made of brick or laterite coating with mortar.

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