Sukhothai, the Early Chapter

The First Capital of Thai People

UNESCO: Lotus Bud Chedi, Beautiful Buddha and Reservoir, Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai was the kingdom of the Thai (1238-1438 AD / 1781-1981 BC) located on the north of Central region of present Thailand, close to the Yom River. The former occupier in this region was the Kingdom of Ancient Khmer.

From the first stone inscription, Sukhothai spelling is สุโขไท. Sukho means happy, and Thai means Thai people, or independently. Together imply the happy city of the Thai people or the independent city of people who are happy. สุโขทัย the current spelling is changed later.

Sukhothai is known as an ideal society of peacefulness and independence. Evidence of stone inscriptions, which scholars believe Sukhothai was paternalism and their people didn't pay tax and didn't have slaves.

The famous kings are Ramkhamhaeng the Great, and Phaya Li Thai (Phra Maha Thammaracha I). They are able in politics, religions, languages and arts.

Language and Literature
First Thai letter was created by King Ramkhamhaeng on 1283 AD (1823 BE), previously used as a written language was Khmer. This font is called Lai Sue Thai, appeared on the first stone inscription of King Ramkhamhaeng tells us about his biography and the innovation of Thai written language. Today Thai written language is different from Lai Sue Thai in many ways.

Thai literature book, "Trai Phum Phra Ruang", written by Phraya Li Thai, 1345 AD (1888 BE) is the religious literature of the underworld and the paradise under the idea of Theravada Buddhism, which is derived from Lanka. 

Influence on Thai People & Culture
This literature has influenced religious beliefs of the Thai people today in terms of goodness and evil, life after death and creative arts, from ancient paintings to modern paintings. And the design concepts developed as selling points for spas, hotels, restaurants, travel and other business which related to Thai culture.

Sukhothai period is considered Thailand's golden age of art. Sukhothai Buddha Image, the Lotus Bud Chedi and temple were developed and widely accepted for their unique beauty even today.

Declination of Sukhothai caused by the imperialistic of Ayutthaya a growing Thai state located along the Chao Phraya River. Later, the marriage between the dynasty of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya combined Sukhothai with the Kingdom of Ayutthaya completely.

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