Urban Planning: Ancient Sukhothai

UNESCO: Sukhothai Historical Park
Sukhothai city has a rectangular shape consists of 4 city gates surrounded by a wall switch with a moat for 3 layers. This characteristic of a city wall is called "Tri Boontr". Like the city of Si Satchanalai the residence of the Viceroy and Kamphaeng Phet, strategic town.

Ancient Sukhothai is located on the plains near the foothills. Yom River is 12km away. The design and construction is regard to protect against the enemy and quality of life of residents. The city has large reservoirs for drinking and use in daily life, known as Trapung such as Trapung Ngern (Silver Lake), Trapung Thong (Golden Lake). They built temples on the island as sanctuaries, allowed people to use water from the reservoirs with caution.

Large Reservoir, Sukhothai Ancient City
The stone inscription describes it as an abundance of Sukhothai. The kingdom filled with rice farms, forests, betel nut trees, mango trees, tamarind trees, coconut plantation and water in the reservoir is clear and good taste.

Visiting the historical park, there is something more interesting to study besides the ancient temples and buildings…trees, ponds, canals and islands because they are part of the heritage of this original.

On the west outside the city of Sukhothai has a large reservoir called Sareed Phong for reserving water that flows from the mountain. Then drain through the canal into the city for consumption.

In addition, there is Phra Ruang ancient route 126km long from Sukhothai to the other strategic cities. It is a high ridge extending north-south line of SiSatchanalai - Sukhothai - Kamphaeng Phet. Currently, there is inconclusive about the purpose of this route such as the street or rod block or canal.

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