Ayutthaya Art

Buddha in Regal Attire, Yor Mum Mai Sib Song Ched

Ayutthaya Art: Buddha in Regal Attire, Wat Na Phra Men
Early Ayutthaya art influenced by the Ancient Khmer, Sukhothai and nearby kingdoms. Later, when Westerners arrived, Ayutthaya adopted the Western art as well. 

Theravada Buddhism and Devaraj concept in Brahmanism were the keys to creating art. Buddha in Regal Attire is the original Ayutthaya art that convey the idea obviously. 

Main material are brick. One of the most remarkable features are the curved base, such as Phra Si Sanphet Throne Hall in the Royal Palace. In the era of Western trade, Ayutthaya had Western-style window, modern fortress and 2-storey brick building resided by important persons and Western nobles.

Si Sanphet Throne Hall Replica, The Ancient City, Samutprakarn

Ayutthaya unique style chedi is Yor Mum Mai Sib Song, developed in the late period. We also see the Khmer prang, the bell shaped chedi of Sukhothai which created since the Ayutthaya won over Khmer and ruled Sukhothai. Ayutthaya not refused the art from the losers.

Ayutthaya Art: Main Prang, Wat Chai Watanaram
Ayutthaya Art: Yor Mum Mai Sib Song Chedi, Wat Chai Watanaram
Such as the Dharma cabinets, book boxes and wooden doors are very beautiful. With gold lacquer, pearl marquetry, carved and gilded wood or decorative glass, etc.

The art objects that survived from the fall of Ayutthaya and burglars are Wat Ratch Burana Treasure and antiques exhibited currently in the museums. The wealth is not just that we've seen today, but we are aware of it from the archives. They are interesting and valuable such as golden Buddha images, golden chedis with gems, golden royal utensils and jewelry. All accumulated more than 417 years.

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