Outside City: Si Satchanalai Historical Park

Chalieng Urban Community 
There are many historical sites outside the city walls of Si Satchanalai. I visited the community shaped like a horseshoe surrounded by 3 bank sides of Yom River. It appeared to be former city before Si Satchanalai that was called Chalieng.
Viharn, Wat Sri Ratana Mahathat, Chalieng
Wat Sri Rattana Mahathat
Today it is the Royal Monastery "Ratchaworawihan" class. Temple consists of ancient temple, new religious buildings and shops for tourists. This temple assumed that was the centre of Chalieng.

Ancient Khmer Influence Arched Gate
The ancient temple is surrounded by laterite walls. The arched gates were built into the faces of the Bodhisattva / Avalokiteshvara in Mahayana Buddhism, influenced by the Angkor Thom, Cambodia. Next are viharn and main prang. 

The gates are the ancient Khmer art, so understand that this temple was before the Sukhothai period. Other constructions were built follow by periods such as the Sukhothai Buddha Images and Ayutthaya style prang.

Former Main Chedi Tip in Prang Hall

View from Main Prang
Prang has stepped up both right and left side. The top is a small hall with mini lotus- bud shaped chedi and the poor condition murals.

There are buildings behind the main prang such as Mutao chedi in Mon style, Attharot large standing Buddha image and a small viharn.

Scenery around the temple is the brownish river and the shops of the villagers selling crafts, Buddha effigy, earthenware and traditional food such as "Kafae Boran" (Old recipe coffee) or bananas (Kluay Khai). Don’t miss taking photographs the suspension bridge and the new iron bridge on the river banks.

Wat Chom Chuen and Archaeological Excavations
The temple has come before the Sukhothai. Not far from Wat Sri Rattana Mahathat, the temple ruins of ancient remained. Moreover, the dominant community is the oldest archaeological evidence dating back to around the 12th century before the Sukhothai period that began in the 19th century.

Archaeological excavations have brought to build the museum to cover the graves. And roll back to the history far more than expected.

12th Century Community, Wat Chom Chuen Excavation Site
Wat Chao Chan
A small temple near Wat Chom Chuen, location was a religious place called Prasat (the Khmer castle/temple). Lotus-group shaped topknot is a great decorative on the top of castle. The evidence showing the influence of ancient Khmer that ever expanded to the northernmost of Thailand.

Wat Khok Sing Karam 

Viharn, Wat Khok Sing Karam
A temple located between the old city site and Wat Sri Rattana Mahathat. At viharn, condition of the walls are pretty well, we could see the traces of the original plaster walls especially, the front part. Combined with the reconstructed illustration, it makes me clearer about temples beauty in the prosperous time even more.

Wat Thung Sethi
It located across the Visitor Information Centre behind the Historical Park, away from tourists who enter the park from main gate.

Long Good Condition Wall, Wat Thung Sethi

Viharn, Wat Thung Sethi
Nearly perfect laterite walls around the temple and facades, which was appealing me to stop at parking lot, then walked under drizzle to the monastery. These walls called in Thai "Kamphaeng Kaew" use to limit the temple or building area. Kamphaeng Kaew here are strong, a few pieces of lost or destroyed. The temple size is compact and secluded.

From information, there are more ancient attractions not mentioned. 
The visit here is taken more time than Sukhothai and Kamphaeng Phet. Due to 3 sites are separated far from 2-5 km, traveling is not convenient because it is rural. However Si Satchanalai is interesting enough for your coming.

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