Stay & Eat: Sukhothai Visit 2

You can stay in the old town or new town. 
There are guesthouses, home stays, hotels and resorts for your choice.

Sukhothai Legendha, Old Town
Resort-style accommodation are decorated in traditional Thai atmosphere consists of tropical garden and swimming pool. Massage and spa, internet, food and beverage are provided. Folk performance is shown at dinner. 

Staying near the historical park you will also experience the rural Thai life such as farm houses, local villagers in traditional costume and crafts stores. Some resorts are located near the historic site just a few meters. 

For accommodations near the historical park, you can use financial services such as ATM's, bank counter or shopping at Big C Supercenter, not far from the park on Jarot Withithong road.

Famous food is Sukhothai Noodle.

It comprise of many ingredients such as red pork, cracker pork and so on. With your choice of rice noodles (white noodle), or bhamee (yellow noodle), you have to choose what kind of noodle you like, soup or without, spicy or not.

Choice of rice noodles are thick (Sen Yai), thin (Sen Lek), fine (Sen Mee).

Ordering: Kind of noodle + Soup or not + Spicy or not
For example: Fine rice noodle + without soup + no spicy

Seasoning: Sugar, chili powder, chili vinegar, peanut and fish sauce
Added or not, depending on your taste.

My favourite is Sen Lek without soup and no chili added.

Famous Sukhothai Noodle shops recommended by Sukhothai native.

Kru Eiw (Teacher Eiw) -
The restaurant serving various kind of Thai food suitable for lunch such as Padthai, Sukhothai Noodle, Kanom Chine.
Jeh Hae (Sister Hae)
Jarot Vithithong Rd.
Chinese style noodle, homemade bhamee (yellow noodle)
Ta Pui (Grand Pa Pui)
Jarot Vithithong Rd. opposite Jeh Hae
Thai style noodle shop

My dinner at Sukhothai 
On Loy Krathong Festival, I visited New Sukhothai for exploring nice food and I got one. It is a small cafe on Pravet Nakorn Rd. "Pai Coffee & Drink". They serve Thai, European food, coffee, beverages and cocktails at reasonable price.

Pai Coffee & Drink (Green Roof), New Town

Pepper Steak, Pai Coffee & Drink

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