Travel & Stay: Si Satchanalai Visit

UNESCO: Si Satchanalai Historical Park
Si Satchanalai is 550 km from Bangkok
68 km from Sukhothai
Si Satchanalai is one district of Sukhothai province.

From Bangkok to Sukhothai.
Take the bus Sukhothai - Si Satchanalai approx 1 hour.

To Si Satchanalai Historical Park, please inform to get off at the old city, not new Si Satchanalai.

Private Car
Sukhothai - Sawankhalok - Si Satchanalai route
I drove from home at Kamphaeng Phet via Phran Kratai - Sukhothai - Sawankhalok - Si Satchanalai about 2 hours.

Notice: Some visitors go to Si Satchanalai National Park where not the same place is. Please read the sign carefully.

Sukhothai Airport is 27 km from town.
Bangkok Airways offers flights “Bangkok – Sukhothai” daily.

The Historical Park is large with more than 200 historical sites and not allows the bus into the old city.

Bicycle rental at park entrance is available. Or rent a car or van from Sukhothai. This option give you drive to all destinations both inside and outside city walls conveniently. Not to hurry to catch the last bus back to Sukhothai.

The historical park just an hour from the city of Sukhothai , you can choose to stay at Sukhothai either or Si Satchanalai.

On the way between the old city and Wat Sri Rattana Mahathat, an array of home stays welcomes the tourists. Accommodation here is not resort style. May not have full facilities, but friendly atmosphere and down-to-earth.

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