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Probably the most beautiful in Thailand, Sukhothai Airport

The new town of Sukhothai is located on the Yom River. The Sukhothai Historical Park, which has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site located at the old town 12km away.
Bangkok - Sukhothai can travel by land and by air.

From Bangkok
Sukhothai is 440km from Bangkok.

7-hr journey by bus from Mo Chit 2
Win Tour is recommended.
Win Tour bus Kamphaeng Phet - Sukhothai also available. (1 - 1.30 hrs)

Sukhothai Bus Terminal is 4km away from new town.
Getting into town by a chartered Songtaew (Pick up in 2 rows at the back) or sharing with other passengers.

To Sukhothai Historical Park
From bus terminal - the historical park by chartered Songtaew or motorcycle taxi.
From new town - the historical park by Songtaew on Jarot Withithong road approx 20 min.

Private car
Take Phahol Yothin Rd. through Pratunam Phra-In. Then keep left to hwy 32 heading to Northern region. Turn right at Kamphaeng Phet through the town to Kamphaeng Phet - Sukhothai route. The trip takes 4 +1 hrs at least.

Sukhothai Airport is located 27km from the town.
Bangkok Airways offers flights “Bangkok – Sukhothai” daily.

Jarot Vithithong Rd., Sukhothai New Town
New Town
Visitors can choose from 3 options; Song Taew, tricycle or motorcycle taxi. Please agree on price before taking service.

Old Town
The historical park is large, with more than 200 historic sites. Bicycle or motorcycle rental or take chartered tricycle is recommended.

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