UNESCO WHS: Ayutthaya Historical Park Drowned

The Largest Floods in Central of Thailand
Hundreds of ancient monuments, temples and museums on the island not survived.
Photo Source: www.mthai.com
For more than 2 months since August 2011, the country must find a flood again and again. Starting from the Upper Central region; Sukhothai, Phitsanulok and Phichit are facing high volume water of the Yom River overflowing and flooding houses, farms and economic districts.

The historical parks have been inscribed as World Heritage site by UNESCO. Sukhothai Historical Park located 12 km away from the Yom River. Si Satchanalai Historical Park and the kiln excavation pit are located on the riverside. There is no news about the historical sites.

Moreover, the floods have risen sharply in the Lower Central from Nakon Sawan, Chai Nat, Sing Buri, Ang Thong and Ayutthaya; the historical district and the industrial area of Thailand. The protection cannot resist the violence of the stream. Flooding damages 2-3 industrial parks. 900 plants submerged in water.

Every year Ayutthaya has faced with flooding. Outlying areas have been severely damaged. The historic areas on city’s island are always protected, but this is not so. The entire old city is flooded. Half of the island is national museums, hundreds of historical sites and temples.

People evacuated from the area. The water level is higher than the house. Some people choose to live on the second floor or roof of houses with no electricity, no water, no food, because the property is concerned.

Fine Arts Department and the volunteer staffs of about 100 people refused to leave the island of Ayutthaya to protect the treasures in the national museums.

Photo Source: www.voicetv.co.th
Photo Source: www.mthai.com
Apart from the major sites on the island, Wat Chai Watthanaram on the riverside could not withstand the pressure and the level of the water. In spite of the success protection in the rainy season used to comes every year. (Photos above)

While writing this news in Bangkok, rain is falling and the capital is expected to accept the floods as well as the 58 provinces of Thailand to share the same fate. People are hoarding food and water. Instant noodles were out of the shelves in supermarkets since yesterday. A post from Facebook has shown the flooded along Narathiwat Rd., the CBD.

I had recent trips to Ayutthaya Historical Park, on March and August. 2011. Sukhothai on April and Si Satchanalai on July 2011. Hopefully, that all 3 World Heritage Sites will stand in the midst of this terrible situation. Everything will be back the same again.

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