Ban Chiang Archaeological Site, the Early Chapter

Prehistoric Civilisation of Southeast Asia 

Ban Chiang in my opinion before visiting, it was about ancient jars. There was nothing more interesting than that. Information usually provided a red-painted pottery is placed alone in the museum.

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The discovery that exceeds expectations
In fact Ban Chiang Archaeological Site is one of the important discoveries in Southeast Asia. It's over 5,000 years old and shows the evolution of humans in this region has its own culture. Challenge the earlier belief that we only embraced the idea of faith, religion, art, science and culture from the cradle of civilisation like India, China or Europe.

Prehistoric people of Ban Chiang own their social beliefs and art. Pottery is related to the faith after death not for use in everyday life, seen from the jars are no signs of cooking and found in the tombs. Archeologists also found bronze and iron that made up their own community in the form of bracelets, rings, axes, spears and blades.

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Ban Chiang Civilisation
It’s divided into three periods as follow: Early, Middle and Late.

Graves contains the pottery of all generations. Each generation has the appearance of pottery and placement varies. Visitors will learn about the nature of the pattern, the shapes of pottery, together with the evolution of people and communities that really attractive.

Apart from the excavated pit and pottery, the history of archaeological site is also interesting. It was discovered accidentally by a Harvard University student who was doing anthropology research at Ban Chiang. There are also the story of the archaeological survey, the illegally excavation and bring it back, and the mystery of who possesses without properly.

Ban Chiang visit for those interested in archeology and ancient civilisations may take a bit more time. To explore the outdoor museum at Wat Pho Si Nai excavation pit follow by the visit of Ban Chiang National Museum. One of the museum, you probably plan to spend at least 2-4 hrs. 

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