Paoay Church: Baroque Churches of the Philippines

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilocos Norte

UNESCO: Paoay Church, Baroque Church of the Philippines
Exterior of Paoay Church brought me confused about the definition of Baroque Church while attracted me with stunning beauty of the facade.
Paoay Church was completed in 1710. 

Architecture is Javanese reminiscent which have been influenced by Borobudur, the 9th Century Mahayana Buddhist monument on the island of Java, Indonesia. This blend produces unique beauty. Its exact style is Baroque-Oriental Church.

Facade, Paoay Church
Giant Buttress, Paoay Church
Back, Paoay Church
Materials: Coral Stone, Brick
Interior, Paoay Church
In addition, the bell tower, built separately about 500 years later. Material is made from Coral Stone and strengthens with giant buttress. Paoay Church has been created to resist earthquake perfectly. (See Earthquake Baroque)

Life around the church 
Paoay Church is town centre surrounded by streets and small town community. It consists of police booth, outdoor weekend market, local college, local residences, local office, bus terminal, groceries, guest houses, cafes and restaurants.

Paoay Town on Sunday
Food Stall, Paoay Church
I went on Sunday and was only one foreigner there. There were some local tourists shooting in front of the church. The locals were shopping at outdoor market adjacent to the church. The banquet was setting on the church's lawn. It was near midday and drizzle. The catering staffs had to move out tables and chairs. Traveling to countryside I have noticed that Filipinos love singing and party gatherings with family and friends. 

Being World Heritage alive is seen from the relationship between the people and their community.

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