Wat Pho Si Nai Archaeo logical Site: Ban Chiang

UNESCO: Ban Chiang Archeological Site
It is located about 500 meters away from the National Museum, in Wat Pho Si Nai. Inside is an excavation pit demonstrates the Ban Chiang era of civilisation. From the tomb containing the pottery buried with the dead. Nearly all are in the late period, about 300 BC - 200 AD. 

Pit is full with skeletons and pottery, now is the reproduction instead of the genuine pottery that has been kept in the national museum. There were also the discovery of jewelry, and equipments such as spears, axes, blades made of bronze and iron. And skeletons of animals such as buffalo, and dog show it was agricultural community.

Sherd-Sheet Burial
Late Period Burial
The prehistoric archaeological sites of the Northeast of Thailand have been found with more than hundreds of scattered throughout the region. Here are the first to create outdoor museum. The King and the Queen came to observe with keen interest.

Potteries found in this excavation pit are on display at the exhibition section 5 at Ban Chiang National Museum. You should visit Wat Pho Si Nai Archeological Museum before. It takes 20-30 min.

Did you know?
3,000 years of social development of Ban Chiang is the same period of civilisation of Mesopotamia in Western Asia, Nile River Valley civilisation in Egypt, Sindhi River Valley civilisation in India and Yellow River Valley civilisation in China.

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