Eat: San Agustin Church & Manila

Fast Food Delivery, Makati, Manila
I had delicious meals in the Philippines. Before arriving there, I had no idea about Filipino food except fast food is popular.
No meal at Intramuros
Frankly, I did not eat any food while visiting World Heritage Site at San Agustin Church and Intramuros. I just drank a glass of Grape Fruit & 7 Up at dining room of White Knight Hotel because of little timing and hot weather.

Fast Food Kingdom
However, the restaurant chains I see are fast food which I try to avoid. The Philippines is known as the inheritor of American fast food culture. The Philippines was a colony of the United States.

Almost everywhere you will find large fast food restaurants from cities to remote provinces. There are varied from fried chicken, pizza, burger, donut, Chinese and so on. 

Penne wt Meat Sauce, Banapple Restaurant, Ayala Triangle, Makati
Yummy Banoffee, Banapple Restaurant, Ayala Triangle, Makati
"Banapple" the Popular Restaurant and Bakery, Makati, Manila
Museum Cafe, Ayala Museum, Makati, Manila
Restaurant and café I visited 
Ayala Triangle, Makati Avenue, Makati
Long queue in front of this restaurant proof the popularity.
It serves both Filipino and Western including bakery.

Museum Café 
Ground Floor Ayala Museum, Makati
Chic cafes amidst modern atmosphere, connected to luxury mall “Green Belt”.
A glass of mocktail after 3 hrs in Ayala Museum is great.

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