San Agustin Church: Baroque Churches of the Philippines

UNESCO World Heritage Site, City of Manila

UNESCO: San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila
One thing I like visiting Philippines is different design churches. Facade of each church has its own style. Bring better recognition.

San Agustin Church is the oldest church in the Philippines, founded in 1571 in Intramuros the administrative centre of Spain by Order of the Augustinians once the Spanish occupied Manila.

The first building was constructed of wood and palm. Later was built with Adobe Stone in 1587, with the Monastery where has been the Augustinians Mother House since then. 

The Church has been resisted typhoons, earthquakes and fires several times. The only building remained from destruction during The Liberation of Manila in 1945 as part of World War 2 in the Pacific region between Filipinos Force and US Army against Japanese Troop.

Altar, San Agustin Church

Hallway, San Agustin Church 

3-D Dome, San Agustin Church 
San Agustin Church  Decoration 
Although the exterior was not appeal to me, the wood-carved door is beautiful Baroque art. The interior is elaborately decorated, dome-shaped building with Latin cross layout. Trompe l'oeil drawing technique by Italian painters creates stunning illusion to the ceiling.

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