San Agustin Museum: Manila

The Treasure of Religious Art

San Agustin Museum, Intramuros
San Agustin Museum 
Foreigner admission fee 100 Pesos. Photo not allowed. 

The museum is connected to the church, exhibited about the Mission, evangelist biography, religious works of art such as paintings, equipment related to religion and the tombs of the Spanish Conquistadors from Governors-Generals, Archbishops and Filipinos important persons etc. 

I spent just an hour in the museum, even though I needed more. Here is a source of religious knowledge and the relevant art. As the only Spanish colony in Southeast Asia, and have influenced to the Philippines until today.

Stairway, San Agustin Museum, Intramuros
Dome, San Agustin Museum, Intramuros
Paintings along the Corridor, San Agustin Museum
The museum was constructed in the colonial style. There were the use of local wood to build the elements such as doors, windows, floors and furniture. The dome and the stone- made stair leading to the 2nd floor are the Baroque style, definitely stunned to the Asian like me. 

The Exhibitions
First room on 1st floor on the left hand side connected from the church is the biographical exhibition and the journey of the Augustinian priest, Father Fray Andres Urdeneta who entered the priesthood at the age of over 30 (quite late), he had a key role in bringing Christianity to the  Philippines firmly. His journey is the adventure of pioneer, doctor, scientist, astronomer, seafarer and finally God's servant with heart and soul.

The next room is the tombs of famous people and some art objects such as chairs, antiques carts, etc.

On the 2nd floor, although don't not have modern presentation, I still enjoyed the exhibitions. Especially drawing of various churches across the Philippines, the facade of churches have a unique design at all.

My next visit to the Philippines, this museum is one of the memorable places where I will be back.

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