Travel: San Agustin Church

Fast Facts
  • Metropolitan Manila has a population of more than 11 million people. 
  • Consists of 16 urban cities such as Manila City, Makati City, Quezon City, and Pasay City.
  • Transportation is not easy. Traffic jam.Getting around by Jeepney in Manila is very cheap. 
  • There are also buses, Light Rail Transit (LRT), Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and so on.
  • Foreigners prefer taxis. It's is the most convenient and affordable price.
Cautions: the taxi meter run faster than usual, not use the meter, go around, and take other passengers sharing the same route. I had experienced all.

Manila Metropolitan Theatre, Next to Mehan Park
Manila Post Office, Opposite Mehan Park
Getting There
Makati City - San Agustin Church, Intramuros, Manila City.
I do as the Filipino do. That's Jeepney and LRT as following.

Guadalupe Jeepney line from Makati - Buendia LRT Station, 8 Peso, 1 hour
Buendia Station - Central Station, 15 Peso, 20 - 30 Min.
Jeepney from Manila Post Office - Plaza Roma, Intramuros, 8 Peso, 10 Min. 

Once down from Central LRT Station, heading north for 100-200 meters, turn left at the Manila Metropolitan Theatre, which is abandoned, walk to Mehan Park. The opposite is the Roman style building of Manila Post Office, cross the street to take Jeepney to go to Intramuros. 

Travel Tips 
If in doubt ask the people waiting for bus or Jeepney drivers. From my experience, Filipinos are willing to help tourists. Jeepney fare is fixed. Unlike the taxi drivers in Manila that ready to take advantages from tourists as much as possible.

Manila is mega city. The passengers should not expect taxi drivers to know your destinations. Please study map. 

Language Tip 
Filipinos speak English with Tagalog accent, and some Spanish words on daily basis such as location titles, pronunciation to match local people making communication easier.

Kalesa Riding, Intramuros

Intramuros have many entrances. Plaza Roma is the good starting point you can walk to Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church and the Plaza San Luis in the back easily. Not need a vehicle or a guide.

To visit Fort Santiago may need to hire a tricycle. It takes 5 -10 minutes from Plaza Roma. For sightseeing around the walls of Intramuros, visitors need to hire a tricycle or Kalesa which must be cautious hiring.

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