Eat: Paoay Chuch Visit 3

Ilocano food is delicious. My meals at Illocos Norte lead to complacency.
Breafast Set "Longanisa and Egg", Rosewell Hotel, San Nicolas
My Food Experience 
Rosewell Hotel, San Nicolas 
Traditional Breakfast is served by two options. Longanisa (native sausage) or stir fried beef with rice and fried egg.

Chicken Mami, Macy's Diner, Laoag City
American Retro: Macy's Diner, Laoag City
Macys, Laoag City
50's American style Diner in Laoag City, the restaurant offers local cuisine to international food. I ate Chicken Mami (Thicken soup noodle) as recommended by the waitress. And it did not disappoint. 

Jumbo Plate, Robinson Shopping Mall, San Nicolas
The most popular food stall in the food court. My dinner is a dining set, consists of one meat, one side dish made of vegetables and a bottle of water for 85 pesos.

Herencia Cafe, Opposite UNESCO WHS, Paoay Town
Herencia Café, opposite Paoay Church 
The origin of Pinakbet Pizza. Unfortunately, I got diarrhea after church visiting, so just nibbled French Fries and pineapple juice.

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