Other Attractions: Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte

Nearby Paoay Town
Malacanang of the North
Besides UNESCO World Heritage site, Paoay is home of Malacanang of the North where was built during the reign of President Ferdinand E. Marcos. It is converted to museum located on waterfront of Paoay Lake National Park. 

President Marcos is the Ilocano native. This region has created many commemorative landmarks to him. 

Laoag City 
St. Williams Cathedral 
Laoag Sinking Tower

St William Church, Laoag City
Sinking Tower, Laoag City
Laoag City is the capital of Ilocos Norte province, located in northern Luzon Island; this region has its own language, culture and food called "Ilocano".
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte Province
Tobacco Monopoly Monument, Laoag City
Kalesa Station, Laoag Market
Shop, Laoag City
When Jeepney crossing Marcos Bridge into downtown, I felt backing to lively Spanish community. Kalesa service here is for local people, not just an activity for tourists. Buildings, shops and government offices in Laoag City still keeping colonial atmosphere like hundred years ago.

City is compact. Historic places in Laoag are located within city centre. You can explore City Hall, St. Williams Cathedral, Laoag Sinking Tower and Tobacco Monopoly Monument on foot.

Outside Laoag City provides natural attractions such as beaches, waterfalls, forests and sand dunes.

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