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Cebu Pacific Flight, Laoag International Airport
Manila - Laoag City
Many airlines fly to Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte Province daily, 1 hr.
I traveled by Cebu Pacific. Nice service, clean and not delay.

Night Bus
Manila - Laoag City

Long Distance Bus
Laoag City - Vigan City
Partas Trans terminal located at Laoag City.
Partas Trans allows ticket buying on the bus. No advance booking.
You should arrive the terminal 30 minutes ahead of time. Buses may depart before the timetable.

I traveled by Partas Trans on Laoag City - Vigan City route. Good driving and good bus condition.

Partas Trans Terminal, Laoag City
Night Bus 
Manila - Paoay Town 
Florida Bus terminal is located not far from Paoay Church

Paoay Town is in the south of the capital "Laoag City" and San Nicolas Town.
San Nicolas has more modern facilities than Laoag, just 1 km away on highway to Manila, Vigan and Paoay. Robinson Mall is here. 

Laoag City / San Nicolas Town - Paoay Town 
Distance is 30km.
Inform Jeepney driver to drop you off at Paoay Church.
Return trip: Jeepney station is far from the church within walking distance. 

Laoag City 
Laoag City is compact. On foot is easy.  Tricycle and Kalesa services are available. 

Paoay Town 
Tricycle and on foot.

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