Bangaan Rice Terrace: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Heaven May Be Not Far from Here

UNESCO Bangaan Rice Terrace
Bangaan Rice Terrace is located 14km away from Banaue Town. We can travel by jeepney or motor tricycle. There are fewer tourists than Batad.
I hired Jim and traveled by motor tricycle to Bagaan on bumping road the same route to Batad. I told Jim that I do not go down to the valley due to muscle pain and fatigue from hiking at Batad yesterday still remains.

Bangaan Rice Terrace is in less steep valley than in Batad's. Each mud terrace is narrow and lower. Uniqueness is huge staircase stretching to the sky. Uhh... Filipinos claim it is the stairway to heaven.

Facing the World Heritage, Bangaan Canteen
Bangaan Rice Terrace & Village
Bangaan Rice Terrace
Don't Believe My Camera
Unfortunately, my compact camera is poor. It is recorded images that much different from reality. My location was facing the sun too. So, the pictures are not impressive. 

We took time to admire the beauty of rice terrace at Bangaan Family Inn and Canteen, which is located on street side overlooking the village clearly. I talked to Jim about people, their works and life.

Today, oil price is so expensive. Jim earns little profit from his job. He works as guide in summer for college tuition. Filipinos have big family of 8-14 kids, each child struggling to make their own progress. Parents cannot take care for their children closely. 

Return Banaue

We spent about an hour before going back to Banaue Town. On the way, Jim gave a seat for local girl who was waiting for jeepney. Traveling on narrow, bumpy roads on the mountainous and heavy rain falls area is difficult. However, good side is it protects rice terrace and nature from unsustainable tourism. 

Bangaan Rice Terrace Half Day Trip
  • Contact guide at Banaue Tourist Centre or ask at your accommodation. 
  • The Banaue Guide Association announces tour price list. You will get standard rates.
  • Single travelers can charter tricycle and not need companions to share the cost.
  • If you want to wander around the rice terrace please add 1-2 hrs extra. 
  • My guide and friend named Jim Bumakel, ask him at People's Lodge.
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