Batad Rice Terrace: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Green Giant Amphitheatre under the Sky

UNESCO So Steep Rice Terrace, Batad
Batad Rice Terrace has been talk of beauty and greatness. Exploring on my own, this doesn't exaggerate.
From Banaue
My Batad Rice Terrace trip started at 8.00am at People's Lodge, Banaue. I occupied a seat on the roof of jeepney with Singaporean girl and Belgium couple. Jeepney climbed up along the rough road. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, bright sunny skies and cool weather until arrived Batad Junction. Then we walked down into the valley.

Fantastic View on the Bumping Road to Batad
Treking Trail to Batad Rice Terrace
Tourist Centre, Batad Village
We walked to Batad Tourist Centre. Here is a hub of tourist shops, information booth and guest houses scattered around, overlooking the rice terrace surrounding the village.

Guide took us to Rita Inn & Restaurant to order food in advance then went down the path to rice terrace below. I walked a half circle before separating the group  to access the village alone while others headed to waterfall. 

At Batad Village 
Batad Village is a small community which has created the most wonderful rice terrace in the world. The more I walked close to quiet village, the more details were shown... life of the poor villagers, tiny crowded houses on cramp flat area. Children went out to see me. There were a lot of little kids.

I walked through the village up the hill to Rita Inn & Restaurant. On the way, I was very tired and climbed up slowly. Some villagers greeted and cheered me up.

UNESCO Batad Rice Terrace and Village
Batad Rice Terrace
  Passageway along Batad Rice Terrace
Incredible 2,000 Years Old Sturdy Stone Walls
At the restaurant, lunch was very tasty. View from the restaurant is so stunning. Rita is open for lodging as well.

Return Banaue
We backed to jeepney meeting point at 4:00 pm. I was the last person in extreme fatigue. It took 1.30 hrs. that under average. Jim, the guide told me that the oldest tourist is 70 years old.

On the way back, I moved down to the back passenger compartment. Two Singaporean girls preferred to sit on the roof amid heavy rain. We have no problem to Batad, rain always fall in the evenings during summer after the trip completed.

Batad Rice Terrace 1 Day Trip 
  • Contact guide at Banaue Tourist Centre or ask at your accommodation. 
  • The Banaue Guide Association announces tour price list. You will get standard rates. 
  • Shared expense allows tourists paying the lower price. 
  • My guide and friend named Jim Bumakel, ask him at People's Lodge. 

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