Nearby Attractions: Rice Terraces

Banaue Town and Banaue View Point

From View Point: Outstanding Contour, Banaue Rice Terrace
Banaue is the tourist centre for Rice Terrace of the Philippines Cordilleras and travel to nearby villages.

Banaue Rice Terrace is not UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is the landmark of rice terrace in the North of Philippines, and easy to reach. Just a few minutes from Banaue Town you can walk down from the view point to the rice terrace directly, take much less time than Batad and Bagaan.

Suspension Bridge Over a Stream and Rice Terrace, Banaue Town
Banaue View Point
As Seen on 1,000 Peso Banknote, Banaue Rice Terrace
Easy to Access, Banaue Rice Terrace
Banaue Town is small. As you walk to the left or right, it is merely 200m around the city. There is a stream that divided the town into two parts with a suspension bridge for pedestrians as a shortcut between the tourists and the villager’s zone. 

Banaue View Point and Rice Terrace 1-3 hrs Trip 
  • Contact guide at Banaue Tourist Centre or ask at your accommodation. 
  • The Banaue Guide Association announces tour price list. You will get standard rates. 
  • Single travelers can charter tricycle and not need companions to share the cost. 
  • If you want to wander around the rice terrace please add 1 hr extra. 
  • My guide and friend named Jim Bumakel, ask him at People's Lodge.
See Batad RiceTerrace, UNESCO World Heritage Site
See Bangaan RiceTerrace, UNESCO World Heritage Site

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