Rice Terrace of the Philippines Cordilleras

The Early Chapter
There are rice terraces farming in many countries in Asia. Aside from wisdom of agriculture, rice terraces are striking witness to the beauty and creativity especially here.
UNESCO Amplitheatre Alike, Batad Rice Terrace
Rice Terrace of the Philippines Cordilleras as a result of Ifugao People with more than 2,000 years, with simple tools but appeared to be a Rice Terrace on steep hills. It was built strongly with walls of stone or mud, intelligent irrigation systems, incredibly beautiful and great.

Rice terraces on the mountains of northern Luzon in the middle of the Cordilleras are common. Clusters that have been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites are called the Rice Terraces of the Philippines Cordilleras.

 There are four groups 

1. Banaue: Batad and Bangaan
2.Mayoyao: Mayoyao Central
3. Klangan: Nagacada
4. Hungduan

Tourism centre is Banaue Town, Ifigao Province. It is the transportation spot and commercial zone for villagers from remote communities around this area. There are buses to Manila, Baguio, Bantoc and Solano.

Banaue View Point and Rice Terrace is 15 minutes away from Banaue Town. This attraction is marvellous and has been selected as the image on the 1,000 Peso banknote.  

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