Puerto Princesa Underground River

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UNESCO Entrancet to Cave: Puerto Princesa Underground River, Palawan
This nature site has 8km navigable river under limestone karst mountain geography before flowing into West Philippines Sea. The National Park is also biodiversity and ecosystem preserved area.

Underground River is located to the Northwest of Puerto Princesa City, 76km in the area of Saint Paul National Park. Visit is easy via 1 Day Trip Package.

Underground River 1 Day Trip 
Book a tour at hotel's travel desk.

Started from 8:00 am, guide pick all visitors up at the hotels by van then went to buy needy stuffs such as drinking water and insect repellent before traveling to Sabang beach for lunch, swimming or relaxing. We had to wait for preparation of document and entrance fee to national park.

Sabang Beach, Palawan
Sabang Beach, Palawan
Sabang Beach Pier, Palawan

When everything was ready, we embarked to the boat to go to Saint Paul National Park. It took 20min. When arriving to the park, the guide brought us to see the star of Saint Paul National Park "Monitor Lizard". After that we had to wait for the queue entering Underground River, which had a lot of tourists, most of them was Filipinos. 

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tours are organised by Peurto Princesa Guides Association. Their first priorities are tourists’ safety and environmental protection. To meet the standards visitors have to wait to follow the steps and the regulations.

Saint Paul National Park, Palawan
Saint Paul National Park, Palawan
Monitor Lizards, Saint Paul National Park, Palawan

We waited for (again) rubber boat at the pier on the mouth of the cave. The boat driver served as narrator through the darkness into the huge cave with high ceiling containing stalagmites and stalactites.

The boat driver narrated how the rocks are shaped like one. I remember them as young woman, cloud, corn, mushroom and Jesus Christ's face.

The distance the boat ran was around 1km, and then returned. In the cave is river there is no space to walk down. It is one reason some people feel that they were not close to nature as they should be.

UNESCO Puerto Princesa Undergrond River, Saint Paul National Park
Jesus's Face Rock, Puerto Princesa Underground River Cave
Secluded Sabang Beach, Palawan
Lunch time at Sabang beach takes long hours. Going for a walk, sun bathing, swimming and reading at the beach are probably the better activities than just hanging at restaurant. 

Did you know? 
Underground River, also known as the Subterranean River is a river that runs wholly or partly beneath the ground surface. There are both Natural and Artificial. Artificial Underground River is usually as part of urban development. 

New 7 Wonders of Nature is gain by popular votes via phones and SMS around the world. This campaign organized by New7Wonders.

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