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There are not many accommodations in Banaue Town. I emailed to Banaue Youth Hostel for reservation, however, no response. Searching the Internet gave a few selects so I decided to walk in.
My Accommodation: People's Lodge, Good Location
My Bedroom, People's Lodge, Banaue Town
People's Lodge Restaurant Balcony, Banaue Town
Banaue Town: Overlooking from People's Lodge Restaurant Balcony
My Accommodation

People's Lodge - Tel (074) 386-4014

Located near T-junction with a large visible sign.
There are many rooms, mini-mart, restaurant, internet service and laundry.
Rooms have private bathrooms with hot showers and shared bathrooms.
People's Lodge restaurant is faced a beautiful view of the Banaue Town.

Banaue Hotel & Youth Hostel
Accommodation: Banaue Town

Banaue Hotel and Youth Hostel - Tel (63 74) 386-4087
The best accommodation in Banaue Town,iIt has a restaurant, conference and performance room.
The hotel is located uphill from Banaue Town.
Walk in is available for low season (summer).
2-4 weeks advance booking is recommended for high season (October - March). 

Just 200m from KMS Line Bus stop, walk down the hill to the town. Not far from the T-junction, there are 3-4 lodgings such as People's Lodge, Las Vegas and Green View Lodge for your choice.

Rita's Inn & Restaurant, Batad Rice Terrace & Village
Accommodation: Batad Village 
Rita's Mount View Inn & Restaurant - Tel 0910 842 3076
Home stay with rice terrace beautiful scenery and delicious food. Just a glass of drink, you can enjoy the World Heritage Site all day.

There are many home stays and inns on the ridge of the village. 

Accommodation: Bangaan Village 
Bangaan Family Inn and Canteen.
Only accommodation and restaurant I met in this area.
The advantage is you can indulge a quiet rice terrace.

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