Angkor Wat: Angkor

Largest Religious Place in the World

UNESCO: Top Tower, Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is faced west. Entering to the temple before noon is to walk into the light path length of 700 meters. Fortunately, the cool air in January making Angkor Wat visit was filled with pleasure. At the same time, it was filled with international tourists.
My first day was devoted to this ancient site only. With a vast territory and countless valuable information, just keep walking around, it took long hours. Before getting there I had to spend a week with the study of history, art history, spectacular pieces not to be missed, exploring tips and much more. Yet, when was there I needed to arrange my thoughts clearly and took my guidebook reading sometime.

5 Towers View, Angkor Wat
Bas Relief Gallery, Angkor Wat
Highlights of Angkor Wat are elaborated epic scene bas relief on stone walls along the first tier gallery and climbing up to the president tower on the top tier of temple.

Pristine Baray, Angkor Wat
Beauty-Loving Apasaras, Angkor Wat
My impression
  • Calmness of the magnificent baray length 5.5km
  • Thousands of Apsara sculptures, the remaining liveliness of the Ancient Khmer royal court
My tips
Aesthetic moment
"A cup of favourite drink"
I saw one visitor enjoying the beauty of Angkow Wat on the top tier ground floor while sipping hot coffee by a thermal mug. This is a really good idea.

"A delicious meal"
Spend many hours in the walls of Angkor Wat with a picnic lunch under the trees. No need to rush out.

Save energy and time
Heading to appreciate the grandeur of Angkor Wat on the top tier by climbing the steep stairs when you are strong is recommended before exploring the gallery on first tier. Because it takes quite a long time and can be managed more easily at a later time.

One-way trip. With a distance of several hundred meters or a kilometer from the west entrance under the sun to temple then to the east entrance, if you do not want to walk back into the west, chauffeur can drive forward at the east gate car park for picking you up.

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