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Angkor National Museum
Royal Park
Wat Damnak
Wat Preah Phrom Reath
Tonle Sap Lake

Music Event: Beatocello Concert at Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital

Angkor National Museum, Siem Reap
Angkor National Museum
Charles De Gaulle Boulevard, Siem Reap City.
Admission fee 12USD / Online booking 10USD.
Open everyday

The museum exhibits the history and art of Ancient Khmer Civilisation interestingly. It consists of eight exhibition rooms. The museum is inspired by Ancient Khmer architecture, such as a dome, baray and facade.

It is recommended to visit the museum before Angkor Archeological Park, for overview of Ancient Khmer history and art.

Wat Damnak, Siem Reap
Khmer Studies Center and Libraly, Wat Damnak, Siem Reap
Sewing School, Wat Damnak, Siem Reap
Wat Damnak
Wat Bo Rd.

This temple has two sides divided by Wat Bo rd. One side is home to the ubosot, chedi, monk residents, Centre for Khmer Studies, library, foundation, primary school and career training centre. On the other side are crematorium and nursing home which supported by temple.

Wat Damnak is not only serves for religious purpose but also the intellectual centre for Khmer youth and self-reliance centre for people as well.

Khmer Studies Centre and the library building were influenced by Ancient Khmer architecture and Colonialism. It is a peaceful, beautiful place offers free resources for Cambodian children.

Wat Preah Phrom Reath, Siem Reap
Gallery, Wat Preah Phrom Reath, Siem Reap
Language Class, Wat Preah Phrom Reath, Siem Reap
Wat Preah Prom Reath
Pokambor Avenue

This ancient temple is located not far from Pub Street and Old Market. It was founded about 700 years from 1371 AD. Apart from the interesting legend of the temple, the ubosot is surrounded by a terrace showing stories of the Buddha in previous life that worth visit.

In the evening, the temple is bustling with young people to learn foreign languages ​​with Cambodian monks. The school has been opened the courses in five different languages. The role of religious organization in the development of the nation's youth is admirable.

Gecko Center, Tonle Sap Lake
Community, Tonle Sap Lake
Girl on Bucket Boat, Tonle Sap Lake
Tonle Sap Lake
The largest fresh-water lake in Southeast Asia
15km from Siem Reap city

This lake is a very important in term of ecology and biodiversity. Fish from the Tonle Sap Lake are quality source of protein since ancient times. This is vast lake area; you can travel by ferry to Phnom Penh.

I heard a story about large area of Tonle Sap Lake from humorous tourists who joined me Tonle Sap trip. During their travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap on a plane above Tonle Sap, they thought and were excited that there was massive flooding in Cambodia until someone told them that this is a very large lake not flooding.

Tonle Sap Lake is not a beautiful trip type, but as eco library and where you will experience the lifestyle of fishermen and their society.

I booked half day Tonle Sap Lake tour with Tara River Boat at hostel's tour desk.

Beatocello Concert, Children's Hospital, Siem Reap
Beatocello Concert
Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital (Jayavarman VII)
Charles de Gaulle Boulevard
Every Thursday and Saturday 19.15
Free entry

The classical music recital performed Bach by solo cellist Dr. Beat Richner, who founded children hospitals in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. These hospitals offer free of charge services and medication for Cambodian patients.

For this reason, Dr. Richner decided to held concert to raise funds. You may not listen to music a lot. Surely, you will be aware of the toil unselfishly to children in Cambodia, where you can get involved in helping in one way or another.

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