Phong Nha-Kebang National Park

Wonderful Cave System and World Largest Cave

UNESCO: Main Entrance, Phong Nha-Kebang National Park
The miracle of the natural World Heritage Site at Phong Nha-Kebang National Park brings excitement to the world continuously, again and again with the discovery of fantastic caves.
Knowing Phong Nha-Kebang National Park
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is oldest major karst area in Asia and largest cave system in the World with rich in forest and biodiversity. Several rivers flow through the park with two major rivers; Son River and Chay River. The park is also home of hundreds of caves and grottos.

Discovery of New World's Largest "Va Cave" in 2012
Apart from Phong Nha Cave, Tien Son Cave, Paradise Cave and Son Doong Cave, in 2012 a team of explorers also found new caves that one of them is expected bigger than Son Doong Cave. Its name is Va Cave. The explorers said that they had never seen a cave with such beautiful stalactites, as much as 1.7kilometres in length.

My Visit
I visited each destination by purchasing tours with farm stay where I slept during exploring the Phong Nha National Park, Quang Binh Province in the northern part of Vietnam. It is divided into the following.

Day 1: Paradise Cave and Mooc River
Admission fee 120,000 VND / person

Day2: Phong Nha Cave
Admission fee 40,000 VND / person
Boat fare 220,000 VND / 8-seat boat (shared)

Apart from the tours mentioned above, there are other interesting attractions and activities in the national park such as cave exploring and trekking that higher fitness level and more than 1-day tour are required.

UNESCO: Chamber, Paradise Cave, Phong Nha-Kebang National Park
Day 1: Paradise Cave and Mooc River
Paradise Cave was discovered and opened to public a few years ago. This cave is a dry cave tucked in the mountain that we have to walk along the paved road to the foot of the mountain. Then walk up to go directly to the cave.

From the mouth of the cave we stepped down into the cave which wooden boardwalk is raised through the cave for a distance of 1km from the total length of 31km. The chamber is equal of gymnasium size. Paradise Cave has stalagmites and stalactites less than Thien Cung Cave at Halong Bay but much larger in size and decorated with colorful lights, not too much.

We walked along the terrace until the end of tourists’ zone and walked returned. On the way, the guide provided details of the cave.

Stunning Stalagmite, Paradive Cave
Emerald Mooc River, Phong Nha-Kebang National Park
After the cave tour, we had lunch at Paradise Restaurant near the entrance and ticket office, and then took a van to go to Mooc River that located little far away.

Mooc River is one of rivers that flow through Phong Nha-Kebang National Park.
The emerald green river surrounded by trees and quiet without other tourists. Some of my companions swam, some took kayaking. They crossed the river to Dark Cave while I enjoyed taking photo on the edge.

It is only one beautiful travel location that really quiet I've found in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country rich in natural beauty among Limestone Mountains and caves, surrounded by spectacular rivers and lush rice fields, but never lack of people and usually bustling.

Son River, Way to Phong Nha Cave
Day 2: Phong Nha Cave and Son River
Farm stay is located just 7km away from the dock to Phong Nha Cave in Phong Nha-Kebang National Park. Farm stay's guests can rent a bike or motorbike to the park.

We sat in an 8-seat Dragon Boat cruise along Son River to appreciate the scenery and waterfront homes about 30min until arrive the cave door. The boat driver stopped the engine and paddle into the cave to the end of the cave that is open to visitors. We went down on the soft sand beach and walked along the cave tunnel. The rough surface of ceiling and wall look like the moon. Phong Nha Cave is the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Entrance to Phong Nha Cave, Phong Nha-Kebang National Park
Phong Nha Cave is water cave with Underground River runs thru. During the rainy season, water will flood the cave mouth. Above on the same mountain, Tien Son Cave, a dry cave is located. These two caves are not connected to each other.

Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out before reaching inside the cave. I don't have any evidence to confirm Phong Nha Cave beauty is weird like the scene in the movie Star War.

Did you know?
Before the Son Doong Cave has found, Deer Cave one of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak State, Borneo Island, Malaysia is the largest cave in the world.

Son Doong Cave opened for public. Search for the agents in www, book the tour and prepare yourself for the adventure.

Puerto Princesa Underground River in Saint Paul Nation Park, Palawan, Philippines was voted to be New 7 Wonders of Nature on 2011, along with Halong Bay and Komodo Island, Indonesia.  

See the article for another underground river and water cave inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southeast Asia.

Puerto Princesa Underground River
The New 7 Wonders of Nature

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