Travel & Stay: Citadel of Ho Dynasty Visit

Hanoi-Ninh Binh Train
At the time of visiting (End of Feb, 2012) Citadel of Ho Dynasty can reach by private car and taxi. There is no public transportation and tour.
Hanoi-Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh-Tranh Hoa (Vin Loc)

Ga Hanoi- Ga Ninh Binh (Railway station)
Approx 95km
By train from hotel’s tour desk in Hanoi
10USD / person, commission is included
6.15-8.15 / 2hrs

Ninh Binh- Citadel of Ho Dynasty (Tranh Hoa province,Vin Loc district)
Approx 60km
By private car with driver
2hrs drive each way
Total visiting time 6hrs / 10.00-16.00

Return to Hanoi
By tourist bus from hotel’s tour desk in Ninh Binh
6USD / person
Bus stop: In front of Thang Long Puppet Theatre, Huan Kiem Lake

Return to Hanoi by tourist mini bus (Open bus) on 16.00 from the hotel door step is convenient. They dropped me off at Huan Kiem Lake. 

If you want to back by train it departed on 13.00 and stopped at Ga Hanoi a bit far from Huan Kiem Lake. For bus there are more buses and cheapest but parked at Giap Bat station 7km from Huan Kiem Lake.

I decided to stay in Ninh Binh based on distance and other facilities.

Hanoi-Ninh Binh town approx 95km
Ninh Binh town-Citadel of Ho Dynasty approx 60km
Total approx 155km

Hanoi-Tranh Hoa town approx 150km
Tranh Hoa town-Citadel of Ho Dynasty approx 50-60kmkm
Total approx 200-210km

Market, Ninh Binh Town
Ninh Binh is on open bus route and has railway station. It is centre for Halong on Land tour, so local travel agents, car rental services and tour guides are more specialised in this area than Hanoi's. Rooms in Ninh Binh are inexpensive to moderate. I can save the cost of renting a car from Hanoi and less fatigue of the journey back to Hanoi the same day. And spent the rest of the time visited Bai Dinh Pagoda and Trang An also.

Queen Hotel, Ninh Binh Town
My Stay
Queen Hotel
Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ninh Binh town
100m from Ga Ninh Binh (Railway station)
Mid range

Double bed room with air/con hot shower
Free breakfast
Flat TV screen, fridge, writing desk
Elevator, free WiFi, PCs at lobby
Tour desk

Spacious Twin Bed Room, Queen Hotel
Twin Bed Room, Queen Hotel
Queen Hotel is a short walk from Ninh Binh Train Station. Hotel is new, clean, spacious room with modern amenities. One thing you must realise is bargaining for room rate, tours and car rental with the right information in your hand.

I rented a car with driver to the Citadel of Ho Dynasty for 46USD. They organised Toyota Vios 4-seat in good condition for me and friend.

Later day I got really old car to Bai Dinh Pagoda and Trang An that cost 35USD. The hotel claimed we tell them late, so good cars are out to other tour groups and the attractions are pretty far. In fact Bai Dinh is approx 30km from Ninh Binh Town while Citadel of Ho Dynasty is 60km.

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