Other Attractions: Uthai Thani Town

Nearby Huai Kha Kheang UNESCO World Heritage Site

Floating Houses on Sakae Krang River, Uthai Thani Town
Huai Khakhaeng Wildlife Sanctuary Headquatre situated on Lan Sak District, Uthai Thani Province approx 100km from Muang District (town). For Uthai Thani town, there are tranquil lifestyle and interesting old temples which Sakae Krang River flows through the town.

Upon completion of visit the World Heritage at Huai Kha Khaeng, if you have time 1hr or more, do not forget to visit the attractions in the town. Before heading back to Bangkok or Ayutthaya or going to the North to Kamphaeng Phet, Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son.

Attractions in Muang District, Uthai Thani Town
Riverside Market
Floating Villages along Sakae Krang River
Wat Bot (Uposatharam Temple)
Wat Thasung (Chantaram Temple)
Khao Sakae Krang (Sakae Krang Hill) 

Riverside Market 
The market still has wooden shop houses and old building that are well 3 preserved. On the waterfront, there is open space for leisure activities and tasks in various festivals. From here, you can overlook the beautiful ancient buildings of Wat Bot and the rafts lined the banks of Sakae Krang River. 

Floating villages along Sakae Krang River 
Life on floating houses on Sakae Krang River remains like the past. Visitors have a chance to experience the pure nature with clean water and quality ecosystem. Villagers make a living by fish farming and river cruise business for tourists.

Wat Bot on the Islet, Uthai Thani Town
Wat Bot (Uposatharam Temple) 
The ancient temple on Tepo Islet in Sakae Krang River was built since the early Rattanakosin period on 1781AD. Wat Bot is known as one of the famous Heritage site of Uthai Thani Province, which has been restored by the locals and cultural organisations.

Within walking distance from Riverside Market, visitors could cross the pedestrian bridge to visit the temple easily.

Golden Castle, Wat Tha Sung, Uthai Thani
Glass Viharn, Wat Tha Sung, Uthai Thani
Wat Thasung (Chantaram Temple) 
This temple is long time well known among Thai people. It was renovated by a famous monk in Central Region from the abandoned temple which was built since Ayutthaya period to a place with unique architecture. Its distinction has been attracted a large number of Buddhists and tourists to visit every year. The stunning edifices are the Glass Viharn and the Golden Castle which were created from the imagination about heaven. 

Khao Sakae Krang (Sakae Krang Hill) 
There is a hill in Uthai Thani Town. It is the site of the monastery that enshrined Buddha's foot print and the ancient bell. Above the hill provides the panoramic view of the town also.

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