Eat & Buy: Khao Yai National Park Visit 3

Sticky Rice and Yummy Esan Food, Penlao Restaurant, Khao Yai
Nearby Khao Yai National Park is full of dining venues. Unexpected conceptual restaurants are mushroomed. Someone may not believe to meet Italian or fusion or Japanese fine dining places while making the Natural World Heritage trip.
When gourmet food is possible, don’t surprise to see McDonald or MK Suki at Khao Yai foothill. There are other types of food available from local Thai, Esan (Northeast region), Thai street food, Western, vegetarian and dairy products from local organic farms.

About drinking, award winning new world wines from local wineries, fresh brew coffees both from local produces and Italy and premium German and Belgian beers from bottles and taps are ready for you. 

My favourite restaurants on the journey
Ban Suan2 
Thai Cuisine
Bangkok – Sara Buri hyw, Km27 to Sara Buri on the way to Khao Yai 

Ban Suan is the large food court where the travelers to Northeast region are drop by for their tongues and stomachs. There are a variety of traditional Thai cuisine that you can see from street sides and curry shops such as Tom Yam (Spicy clear soup), Tom Kha Gai (Sour soup with coconut milk), Moo Sab Tod (Fried minced pork ball), Yam (Thai spicy salad), Phad Pak (Stir- fried vegetables), Khai Palo (Boiled egg with Chinese herb in brown soup) and much more.  

Thai Food, Ban Suan2 Food Centre, Road to Sara Buri
The food at Ban Suan are good taste and pretty clean. My friend and I enjoyed the meal for 4 dishes and steam rice with free clear soup for 170THB (Less than 6USD). 

They also offer local cuisine from rare meat such as frog, venison, ell, boar, crocodile, snake, and soft-shelled turtle. These food are not normal, some eaters like them. I have tried frog, boar and venison but I won’t have the rest. They are too strange for me…and you?

Ban Suan3 is another branch that located on the opposite side of road approximately 1km away, for the travelers from Northeast to Bangkok. 

Pen Lao 
Esan cuisine
Kudkla - Phansuek Road, Pak Chong District, near Khao Yai National Park 

The restaurant serves soft black sticky rice and other authentic Esan cuisine. The popular dishes are Spicy Somtam, Grilled herb feeding chicken, Salmon Larb and Laos spicy soup. I always order Fried neck pork topped with crispy fried Thai basil and Duck Laab. 

Prices are reasonable. The restaurant is packed at lunch and all meals at weekend and holidays. Anyone who cannot have hot and spicy, please choose Grilled chicken, Fried neck pork and Somtam for kid (No chilli added).

Dairy Home, Mittaphap Rd.
Dairy Home
European, Thai, vegetarian cuisine and dairy products
Mittaphap Road Km37 on the corner of Kudkla - Phansuek Road 

Dairy Home owns organic farm, producing quality milk, cheese and vegetables. I love this restaurant from barn-design shop, pine wood interior, food variety, food freshness, food creative and prices.

Fried Mozzarella cheese is superb, home-made salads are fresh, NZ steaks are not expensive and a dozen of home-made ice cream, sherbet, sorbet and alcohols added.

Prices are reasonable. The restaurant is packed at lunch and all meals at weekend and holidays like above.

"The Castle" Smoke House
Wine Selection and Italian Grocery, Smoke House
"Tuscanian Style" Terano Restaurant

Other restaurants
Smoke House 
Fine Dining, Beers and Wines
Thanarat Road 

Kudkla - Phansuek Road, Pak Chong District, near Khao Yai National Park 

Roadside markets along Mittaphap Road 
They sell local produces such as Dragon Fruit, Apple Custard, grape juice and local speciality such as Kari Puff. (Thai puff stuffed with curry powder and meat) 

Dairy Home Shop 
Mittaphap Road
Guests could buy local products from the shop such as vegetables, pasteurized milk, Bed Time milk, ice cream, yoghurt, grape juice, wine and bakery.   

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