Nearby Attractions: Khao Yai National Park

Sign to Famous Attractions on Mittaphab Rd.

Apart from the World Heritage site, visiting Khao Yai is more enjoyable from other attractions and activities from natural site tours, shopping, cycling, delicious international meals dining and local wine testing.
Attractions nearby Khao Yai National Park
Tree Tunnel
Chokchai Farm
Pasak Jolasid Dam
Jed Sao Noi Waterfall

ATV riding
Spa and massage
Cycling around Khao Yai National Park and Pak Chong District 
Wine testing at Gran Monte Vineyard and PB Valley Vineyard

Pasak Jolasid Dam Tractor Tour
Viewing Tower, Pasak Jolasid Dam
Top View, Pasak Jolasid Dam

Before arriving to Thanarat Road or vice versa, drop by any destinations  

Tree Tunnel, the green tube on the road provides the pleasant feeling while driving under shade of big trees. 

Pasak Jolasid Dam, go up to the view tower for stunning panorama of the dam. 

Jed Sao Noi Waterfall, 7 tiers famous waterfall for swimming and touching the local vibe. 

Chokchai Farm , the eco tourism farm offers farming related activities such as horse riding show, cow milking and animals feeding. They provide stylish camping for overnight stay and good quality dairy products such as Umm Milk ice cream and steak house. 

Did you know Khao Yai is the Napa Valley of Thailand? 
Around Khao Yai, there are various funny and healthy activities to practice. One recommended activity is wine testing. The noted vineyards are Gran Monte and PB Valley. They are professional wine makers who have invested to build the vineyards that meet the international standard for years.

New world wines from Khao Yai have won the awards both domestic and international acclaims. Unfortunately, I am not the drinker, so cannot guarantee their taste and quality. However, I went there for dinner with friends. They have European restaurant where quests could dine great food with wine among the beauty of vineyards.

For Cycling, the cyclists always team up with their companions to cycle around the area. Some take their bikes from Bangkok by cars or trains. Bikes for rent, they are suitable for short distance, not the pro bikes. They are available in some resorts and hotels.

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