The First AWH Report

From the first day have been traveled around the Blogsphere till now, 
ASEAN World Heritage (AWH) is 1 year 4 months old. 

AWH is focused on history, culture, nature and lifestyle
based on true journey and dedicated research of the blogger.

 Published over  100 WHS related articles with stunning photos 
covering Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

 All UNESCO World Heritage Site visits in Thailand 
and Vietnam have been done within year 2012.

The American visitors is the first rank, 
following by Thai and Filipino.

Europeans from France, UK and Germany are ranked 4-6.
And the readers from China, India and Canada are ranked 7-10.

For the year 2013, ASEAN World Heritage has been 
redesigned for more user friendly. 

All articles are well indexed in Content menu.
Divided by countries and sites.
Exploring throughout the blog is not hard.
Readers can connect with AWH and share the articles 
through social media easier.

The stories of 3 World Heritage Sites located in 
Malaysia peninsular will be published sooN

Nam Onrit, the Blogger


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