George Town, Penang

Historic Town on the Island
Town Hall and City Hall, George Town, Penang 

George Town is a district in the city on the island of Penang. This compact island was the centre of booming maritime trade in the British colonies. Here, it has been quite a lot of influence from the colonist. World Heritage site has been maintained by a conservation area.

George Town consists of Chinese commercial building blended with colonial style. Divided into several eras, the narrow facade and long buildings with courtyards and water wells in the middle of buildings, they are residences, shops, guesthouses and restaurants. There are alleys of different race and culture communities. Chinese shrine is opposite the Hindu temple. Chinese shop houses along the main road a few steps from Little India located at the corner. Just 500 meters away from where you are standing the Christian church is on the right while on the left is a large mosque.
Kapitan Kling Mosque, George Town, Penang
St George Church, George Town, Penang
Koo Kong Si, the Most Outstanding Clan House, George Town
The Pinang Peranakan Mansion, George Town
The diversity is colorful and unique. Walking around the old town, it is very enjoyable. I did not visit all A-must destinations. Hopefully, it would be the next time.

Tourism attractions in George Town, related to Peranakan culture a lot. Especially, Kong Si (Clan Houses) such as Koo Kong SiYap Kong Si and estates of former Chinese billionaires The Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. Walking around to see the notable architectures Town Hall, City Hall and other historical landmarks in the evenings, is a cosy seaside memorable.

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