Lenggong Archaeological Museum: Lenggong Valley

The oldest record of a human outside the Africa
Replica Skeleton of Primitive Men, Lenggong Museum

The museum is located on the edge of Perak River, showing prehistoric archaeological heritages in Lenggong valley which is the field discovered ancient human skeleton that is called Perak Man.
 Unfortunately, Skeleton of him is not preserved in the area, with just photos and a replica skeleton.
Lenggong Archeological Museum, Lenggong, Perak State
Perak Man News Board, Lenggong Archeological Museum
Upper Floor, Lenggong Archeological Museum

The museum building is compact and easily displays the information about archaeological excavation, life style, knowledge and tools of prehistoric man, spanning all the periods of hominid history outside Africa from 1.83 million to 1,700 years ago. When I was visiting, this place has just been announced as the latest UNSECO World Heritage site in Malaysia (2012).

Although the museum is not much appealing (Free admission) may be because the government has not elevated it to the top attraction yet. Areas in Lenggong valley  are pleasant places with surrounding mountains,  Perak River, lush forest, orchards, palm plantations and peaceful rural.

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