Nearby Attractions: George Town, Penang

View from Penang Hill

Apart from George Town, Penang also have to give us a lot more enjoyable . The landscape is lush island. Modern new town doesn't take a lot of time from old city with affordable public transport, good quality and late night service.

Beach Road at Night
First day I began a journey to outside city with a motorcycle with Penang's friend along the seafront road around the island to Gurney Drive shopping area, relaxed and enjoyed food from the large seaside outdoor food court. Then took scenic ride passed by luxury hotels on the cliffs and seaside, Batu Feringgi Beach to Penang Nation Park then turned back to Park Royal Hotel for beach strolling at night. Atmosphere of Penang seaside in the evening was so beautiful, illuminated from lighting of expensive properties on the hillsides.
Penang Hill

KeK Log Si Temple and Penang Hill
Day 2, I caught bus 204 to KeK Log Si Temple and Penang Hill with cheap fares that will be charged according to the distance (1.4 - 2 MYR).
Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang 

KeK Log Si Temple
Chinese temple that claimed to be the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia that I'm afraid it is beaten by Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. However, it is still one of the large temples. The temple is situated on the foothill providing stunning view.
Funicular Trail, Penang Hill
Penang Hill
Monkey Cup Garden, Penang Hill

Penang Hill
This place was the vacation homes of the British during colonial era, still keeping English style. Cooling air is suitable for nature walks, visiting vacation homes and flower garden and dining at a restaurant on a hill with panoramic view.

Going to Penang Hill is comfortable with the Funicular trains which foreigners have to pay at the painful rate 30 MYR while Malaysians pay much cheaper.

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