Sites: Archaeological Heritage of the Lenggong Valley

Gua Gunung Runtuh, Gua Asar, Gua Puteri, Gua Ngaum, Bukit Jawa, Meteors Site and Kota Tampan
Entrance to One of Many Excavation Pits, Lenggong Valley

The Lenggong WHS trip will not complete if you skip the archeological sites that scattered around the valley and along Perak River. At the museum, they provide the name card of local guide with 4x4 Suzuki who brings you to the sites hustle-free.

The trip started after lunch time at local restaurant, and then headed to Gua Gunung Runtuh on the hill at the back of orchards in a village. We had to park the car at the foothill and climbed up for 100m to the cave’s mouth. Unfortunately, the entrance was closed. We drove to another site where is the group of caves comprised of Gua Asar, Gua Puteri, Gua Ngaum. There are empty and quite caves, pre-historic human lived there as shelters. 
Climbed Down from Perak Man Cave, Gua Gunung Runtuh
Locked Door, Perak Man Cave
One of an Empty Cave
Bukit Jawa, Open Site, Near Perak River
Bukit Jawa Excavation Pit

After caves visit, we went to open site at Bukit Jawa along Perak River. This excavation site is empty pits shown the material for tools invention such as axes. Rock around that area qualified for making tools. In the palm plantation, there are meteors scattered around which strike to the earth million years ago. 

We finished the trip at Kota Tampan, the open air excavation pit located at the back of museum. It is the same like other sites….empty! After excavations they have brought the artifacts to preserve and study somewhere not leave them at the sites anymore.

Ask for further information at Lenggong Archeological Museum 

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