Melaka: Administrative Centre Zone

On the East side of Melaka River
WHS Dutch Square, The Studhuys, Melaka
Melaka was a commercial port on the Strait of Melaka since ancient time. City was built by Prince Parameswara , a prince from Singapura or now Singapore or possibly Java in the early 15th century, ruled by the Sultan. Colonized by many Western nations, from the Portuguese at the early 16th century, Dutch and English, and was the place of the locals, traders and immigrants from China, India. It has been a centre of diversity for many hundred years.

Melaka Historic City was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting the old city, usually starting at The Stadthuys (means the town hall). It was Dutch administrative center. Built in the 1650s, after took over Melaka from the Portuguese since 1641, located in the east of Melaka River. The complex is made ??up of several buildings. When Malaysia has gained independence, these buildings have been restored as a tourist centre of Melaka.

St Paul Church Ruin on St Paul Hill
Sea and Town from St Paul Hill
Replica of Sultanate Palace
Throne Hall, Sultanate Palace

Administrative centre zone main attractions
The Stadthuys Complex: Christ Church, Museum of History and Ethnology, Literature Museum, Gallery of Admiral Cheng Ho
The Ruin of Fort Santiago
The Ruin of St Paul’s Church 
Replica of Sultanate Palace
St Francis Xavier Church

The Stadthuys is unique, distinguished by red buildingห that were painted in the early 1820s served as administrative centre and Governor Residents since Dutch era to British era which ended in 1979. During the restoration of the buildings, they have found a lot of historical evidences, and believe that many uncovered secrets.

At present, we can take a short visiting only Christ Church and The Stadthuys or giving more time to those of many museums in this area.

From The Stadthuys walk up a hill to the ruins of Fort Santiago, the Portuguese fort was destroyed when British needed to return it back to Dutch. This fort is part of the Portuguese fortress of A Famosa to prevent the invasion of Malay Muslims of Aceh and Johor which happened frequently.

Next up on the hill, St Paul Hill is the site of St Paul's Church ruin the Portuguese Catholic Church where was a temporary burial place of St Francis Xavier before delivery to Goa India. It was called St Paul's Church during Dutch possession and was destroyed during the British era.

You can then traverses pass The Dutch Graveyard to Replica of Sultanate Palace. Huge wooden Malay architecture where you will experience the life and possibilities in the Sultanate era occupied Melaka during 15th Century.
Entrance Fee 2MYR

For St Francis Xavier Church, It located behind Christ Church on Jalan Laksamana, the Neo-Gothic style Catholic Church, built in 1849, in honour of Saint Francis Xavier. Today the church is still on service.

Melaka River Cruise

Maritime Museum, Melaka

Melaka on the East side of river have more attraction along the river
Melaka River Cruise
Maritime Museum
Taming Sari Tower

One event not to be missed when visiting this world heritage city is cruising along the river through the old historic buildings and waterfront living in the cool evening. Dwellings are under the good care and well development. Along the way I see an array of heritage homes, walls are painted with Graffiti Art, safe walkways and clean river.
Foreign Admission Fee 15MYR
30-40 Min

Near the pier is Maritime Museum, showing a replica of the Flor de la Mar, a Portuguese ship that sank off the coast of Melaka and other seafarers tools and treasures.

Admission Fee 3MYR

Next destination is Taming Sari Tower, the 80m tower for seeing World Heritage city from St Paul's Church Hill to The Strait of Melaka.
Foreign Admission Fee 30MYR

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