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Lenngong Valley and Perak River

Lenggong is small town in Perak State, 100km from Ipoh (capital of state) and 280km from Kuala Lampur. The nearest city is Kualar Kungsar, the official royal town of Perak approx. 50km away on the South. Penang is about 150 km.

Public Bus
From Ipoh, Kuala Kungsar and Kuala Lampur to Lenggong or vice versa
Taxi from Kualar Kunsar
Lenggong Town

My travel
I went to Lenggong from Penang via Kualar Kungsar by my friend’s private car departed at 08.00 for 2.00hrs (150km). We drove from Penang to Kualar Kunsar, and then took route No. 76 to Lenngong on the North.

I didn’t stay overnight here. The accommodations are limited. However, Lenggong is lush and quite suitable for nature exploration and farm stay experience. 

Try Resort Tasik Raban, Lenggong Rest House and Permaculture Farmstay Malaysia (
Restoran Tasik Raban, Lenggong Valley
Malay Food, Restoran Tasik Raban

Lenggogng town centre is compact surrounded by shops, gas station, garages and some restaurants. But our guide drove us to local restaurant on suburb.

Restoran Tasik Raban
This place serves various kind of Malay food. They are presented like buffet; customers can walk around the long table and take their food before finding the seats. The cashier will see you at the table and asks you pay for the bill. Prices are varied on your choices and portions. 

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