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Local and International Food Paradise

Mutton Biryani, Singapore Zam Zam, Bugis
Food hunters have a lot of things to do in Singapore. Local food search is a must; I had to do every day. As we known, Singapore food centres are the hub of local foods and much of them are listed in guide books.
Chicken Rice, Tian Tian, Chinatown
Tien Tien Chicken Rice, Maxwell Food Centre
MRT Chinatown
Opposite Buddha’s Tooth Relic Temple

Long queue for a mouthwatering Chicken Rice as 3.7SGD is reasonable. Not just chicken rice is the star; try other local dishes and drinks such as fresh sugar cane juice and coconut juice. 

Price range at local food centres is much lower than in malls and CBD. At the local is 2SGD or more meanwhile 6SGD or more for premium food centres. However, portion is vary too. According to prices we pay.

Singapore Zam Zam
MRT Bugis
Opposite Sultan Mosque

Famous Murtabak and Biryanis on Bugis area, crowded and bustling but serving huge portion and good prices, I tried a dish of Mutton Biryani, that a bit hard for mutton chunk, 8SGD with a can of Coke.

On the same row, there are other restaurants serving the same Muslim food. But Zam Zam is the most popular, seen from a hundred of customers there.

Curry Mutton, Lady Finger Masala and Fragrant Biryani, Muthu's
Muthu’s Curry
MRT City Hall
Suntec City, Tower 2, Basement level

Restaurant in mall, a branch from one of famous Indian food on Race Course Road which I pretty appreciated their Biryani rice and free all you can eat Papadum. Rice is aromatic and tasty, accompanied with spicy Curry Mutton and Lady Finger Masala and finished with real Mango Lassi. Total paid is 36.50SGD.

PS. Café, Petit, Tiong Bahru
Guan Chuan Street

The mini shop with a few tables and wine bar, it is well decorated with luxury Parisian café style. Their desserts and ice cream are very interesting too. However, I just ordered Ceasar Salad (12SGD), it was generous size.

PS Café Petit is the cool spot where we can spend time with friends for dining and drinking experience amid pleasant setting.

French Delight, Tiong Bahru Bakery
Tiong Bahru Bakery
Eng Hoon Street

I came across to meet this famous, not far from The Plot Hostels on Tiong Bahru area. I bought their Chocolate Croissant (3.2SGD) for snack time at the airport waiting for departing Singapore.

Actually, I don’t like croissant but it is French bakery. Croissant is the symbol. Just the first bite, I had to accept their crispy outside-soft inside bread and later yummy chocolate filling. Finally, there is someone motivate me to fall in love with French pastries. Success!

Whisk Café
Tiong Bahru

One of trendy coffee and dessert shops for chit-chat with family and friends at weekend, chic design and in-house baking room. Home-made French éclairs with a cup of latte is perfect.

The Dispensary
Tiong Bahru

Former Chinese medical hall converted to coffee house, serving some nice pasta dishes and providing rooftop seats on the second floor, suitable for brunch at weekend and coffee sipping time in the afternoon. Their Aglio Olio Pasta with Mushroom is really delicious. (13.50SGD)

Food for Thought
Botany Centre, Tanglin Gate, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Café for visitors and hang out place for expats at weekend, crowded at brunch time during Sat&Sun, it is divided to 2 parts: air-con room and terrace. Menu list is western food with local specialties such as Laksa.

SBG have many restaurants across the park, feeding people from breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time and dinner, see their website.

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