Eat: Vat Phou Visit 3

Laotian Coffee is Great

A Cup of Laotian Coffee, Don Det
My Southern Laos visit was not food trip, I didn’t try any local dishes. However, I have found coffee there is good. Both Italian style coffee such as a cup of hot latte and a cup of espresso and a cup of local style hot coffee are equal taste.

I had Thai food, Indian food, Japanese food and Vietnamese food during 9 days. On the way to Na Kasung, the driver told me to have Mekong fish on this season. Unfortunately, on Don Det there were no local restaurants opened due to a few customers and always rain on day time.

However, the food lover likes me still meet the yummy meals. 

Food price index in Laos is high. They imported many products and ingredients from Thailand. A bowl of noodle is 15,000-20,000 Kip.

Phi Dao Hotel, No. 13 Rd., Pakse City
Baguette with pâté and a cup of espresso

Sphaghetti Napoli, Inthira Hotel, Champasak Town
At Hasan, Pakse City
Lunch and Dinner
Inthira Hotel’s Restaurant, Champasak town
I had beef steak and Carbonara at Inthira Hotel at Thakaek, Kammuan province, Centrak part of Laos first, and then had a chance to try spaghetti Napoli at Champasak branch. Both places served me delicious food.

Indian food
There are Indian food restaurants in Pakse city and on Don Det. They have the same menu and serve moderate Indian plates. Grilled chicken is the main dish.

Japanese food
You can have Japanese food at Pakse city, at a Japanese hotel “Forest”. I think they have too short list menu. The hotel and restaurant is opposite Wat Luang. 

Vietnamese food
Pho is sure. It is the noodle wildly available throughout Laos. The popular shop at Lankham Hotel, Pakse moved to riverside. FYI.

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