Nearby Attractions 1: Vat Phou

Pakse City and the 3 Waterfalls

Wat Luang, Pakse City
Pakse city is the largest centre in Southern of Laos, visitors from Thailand cross the border from Ubon Ratcha Thani province to Pakse as the base for traveling. Foreign backpackers choose to travel from North - Laos to South – Cambodia or vice versa.
I visited Central and Southern of Laos during rainy season which was the low season (June, 2014). Heavy rain and drizzle were common but I faced less obstacles. Positive aspect was less tourists. 

Pakse City
Attractions in Pakse city
Wat Laung
Restaurants along Mekong River 

Not far from Pakse city is Bolaven Plateau, the source of coffee and fruit plantations and a lot of waterfalls are scattered along the highways. The adventurers who love eco-tourism spend the time for trekking and staying at hill tribe villages on this area.

Besides of 3 waterfalls, there are other waterfalls and plantations, but 3 places are enough and plantations are not my destination during rainy season. 

3 Waterfalls I’ve visited
Tad Pha Suam
Tad Fan
Tad Yueang

During low season, there was not any waterfalls and Bolaven Plateau day trip from Pakse. I decided to rent motorcycle. It was drizzle day.

Each waterfall is located just a few km from main road, not over 40km from the city. Total travelling time is not over 6 hours. The ways to the destinations are easy; see the map you can take from Tourist information centre near Wat Luang.

All waterfalls have their own resorts and restaurants, spend a night or a meal there is interesting. 

Brownish Tad Pha Suam

Foggy Tad Fan

Tad Pha Suam have a hill tribe village where houses and craft collections are exhibited. The owner of Tad Pha Suam is Thai who dedicated his life for developing the former arid area to be one of the popular destinations and helps the hill tribe villagers from the poverty.

Tad Fan, on the day I visited was unseen, surrounded by fog from heavy water falling down to the basin.

Mighty Tad Yeung

Stream, Tad Yeung
Tad Yueang was a bit sunny on the afternoon, a stream and a waterfall was running smoothly…peaceful atmosphere.  

Entrance fees for each waterfall between 5,000-10,000 Kip. Parking fee applied.

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