Nearby Attractions 2: Vat Phou

Si Phandon, the 4,000 Islands

Colourful Rafts, Don Khone, 4,000 Islands
A visit to Southern Laos will not complete, if we skip Si Phandon. This area is the location of islands with a thousand of rocks amid the mighty Mekong.
There are 2 main sites:

Khone Phapheng on main land

Entrance fee 30,000 Kip
Golf cart 1 way 15,000 Kip

Don Det and Don Khone, the islands on the river
Entrance fee 25,000 Kip

From Pakse city to Na Kasang village, I booked a seat from tour agent that has their own vans. Driving time is 2.30-3.00hours but faster than bus.

Na Kasang is the pier to go to Don Det and Don Khone and the station to rent any transportation to Khone Phapheng waterfall, less than 10km away.

Khone Phapheng Waterfall,4,000 Islands 
Once I left the van, I asked the driver to call a moto-rider to ride me to Khone Phapheng (50,000 Kip), and then backed to the pier for crossing to Don Det.

Don Det is busier than Don Khone, there are more frequent ferries, more accommodations and more shops too. However, the most popular attraction is Li Phi waterfall, located on Don Khone, 7km away from Don Det.

Don Det is a small island; socialized visitors should stay here, riverside bars are waiting. Don Khone is larger and quieter, a handful of nice and upscale bungalows are suitable for non-partying visitors.

Dirt Road on Don Det
Li Phi Waterfall, Don Khone, 4,000 Islands

Bicycle rental is the cheapest and relaxing way to go to Li Phi. On the way to Li Phi, I enjoyed the local things, Mekong River on the side, paddy fields, temples, historic sites, villages, and animals too.

Bicycle rental price 10,000 Kip per day

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