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From Bangkok to Pakse City
Thai citizen (ASEAN member countries) can enter Laos without visa for 30 days.

I traveled by international bus.

There are 2 routes from Thailand – to Laos or vice versa

Overnight Bus
Mo Chit Bus Station, Bangkok- Krieng Krai Bus Station, Pakse City
Price 900THB, Approx 15hrs, From 16.00 - morning

Public Bus
Bus Station, Ubon Ratcha Thani Province - Krieng Krai Bus Station, Pakse City
Price 200THB, 3hrs or more

** Immigration procedure **

Bangkok – Pakse City
Vientiane – Pakse City
There are a few flights such as Laos Airlines. Expensive!

There are mixed transportations, pay less.
1.By air from Bangkok to Ubon, then inter bus to Pakse city
2.By air from Bangkok to Ubon, then charter taxi to border (Vang Tao), 
then charter van from Laos side to Pakse city

From Northern Laos / Cambodia to Pakse City

There are public and tourist buses from many operators.

From bus station to city
Shared or chartered tuk tuk, average is 10,000 Kip per person.

On foot, moto taxi or rental motorcycle, Pakse city is compact.

Road from Pakse City to Vat Phou

How to go to Vat Phou complex from Pakse city

I rented a motocycle from the guest house, day trip was not available during low season and rent a car was too expensive for me. I went alone.

Vat Phou is located near Champasak town, former political city of Champasak province. From Pakse city to Vat Phou is around 38km, on sealed road. This road is new and provides faster time than crossing Mekong River by boat, the former way to get there.

Beautiful scenery and not much vehicles on the road, there are some gas stations, don’t worry! Don’t miss to explore Chapasak town, and have lunch at Inthira Hotel’s restaurant…nice pastas.

Automatic motocycle rental price 90,000 Kip per day

Gas 10,000 Kip per litre, 2L each day

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