Balinese Beaches and Lakes

Breathtaking and Fantastic Natures

Lake Batur, Kintamanee Highland, Bali
Bali has been wildly known for beaches and lakes. The best spots of both seaside and lakes are reserved for temples. A lot of sports and activities at beaches and lakes are popular. Visiting Bali, we can enjoy cultural, natural and life style attractions at the same place. 
5,000 of Bali is surrounded by the sea; the south and central of the island are the vibrant area which most of the tourists have picked for the vacations. Other parts are quite and more relax with fewer infrastructures.

For beach area, I stayed at Seminyak for 2 nights and rented a motorcycle exploring the nearby beaches; Kuta and Legian before flying to Yogyakarta.

Kuta Beach at Noon, Bali
Seminyak Beach in the Evening, Bali

Seminyak, Legian and Kuta
In the guidebooks and travel forums, Seminyak is up scale beach and full of boutique shops while Kuta is bustling and suitable for water sports such as surfing. Backpackers and low budget choose Kuta and Legian for stay. However, there are 5 stars hotels and malls too.

Seminyak, Legian and Kuta are close to Denpasar Airport, each beach connected, travelling is easy and not far but roads are narrow and slow traffic.

Live in the evening to the night on the beach at Seminyak is my good time, starting from having dinner at a seaside restaurant and bar and move to the bean bag on the sandy beach for a glass of cocktail with live music.

On the Seminyak high street, there are a lot of chic and cool restaurants and bars which are not franchised like Legian and Kuta.

For shopping, Seminyak offers a dozen of creative design items from cloths, bags, jewelry and shoes while Kuta and Legian is the centre for cheap goods, brand names and water sport wares.

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